Returning Math Student

Feb 2020
Math once was my favorite subject in elementary school that I could find myself studying even without any school assignment. I remember that I was doing arithmetic problems (division, multiplication, addition, substraction) on my own with enthusiasm in an afternoon back when I was an elementary school boy. I was excited to learn their connection that multiplication is actually a repeated addition, etc.
But I did not enroll in math major in University because in the country I live in, I observed that math graduate may only be eligible for having a career as teacher, that was poorly paid in the country.

It was in 2008-9, when I noticed that e - book had been available and I downloaded a lot of math e - books (any title) from the net that I could find. I realized that with the availability of e-books, I can always learn without having to spend money on the traditional printed books. Those e -books have been enabling learning math with much lesser cost than it once was.
I expect I can have the opportunity to read those books. in the past, despite the downloaded free ebooks, I had so little chance to actually read the books, because being occupied with my jobs. I am going to arrange my schedule my reading time in the evening.

The lessons of math from elementary schools and high school taught to me since it was mandatory by our curriculum were as far as I can remember: linear equations, cartesian geometry ( distance between two point, gradient), quadratic functions, function and relations, logarithm, exponent, limit, differential, integral, combinatorics, permutations, category theory, set theory, two and three dimensional geometry mostly their area finding formula and volume finding formulas, some statistics, trigonometry, arithmetics, sequences, matrices, probability theory.

My memory of math may only cover some of those but goes pretty unlikely beyond that. Since they are mandatory, as a student, we had to study them whether we like it or not. However, I have to admit that there are topics of maths that I favor more than the others.
Hopefully I can discuss here anything about math I am interested in.


Math Team
Sep 2015