Market graph increasing, decreasing and bouncing

Feb 2020
I am developing a market trade bot and need to extract some parameters from market data but I don't have idea how to do it exactly. need your help.

1) How to reproduce if market is increasing or decreasing at certain point? (ex. see below picture)


2) Does exist any formula how to reproduce index or something which would show how strongly market price is bouncing? it means if there are huge price spikes in short time then bouncing is big, if price spikes or not high or rare in time then bouncing is not high. (ex. see below pictures)



Thanks for any help, any programming libraries or tools which would help to solve these problems are welcome too.
Feb 2020
Have you ever looked at the FX markets how the currency quote price is displayed on a chart over 1 day in five minute intervals. The prices are revealed by running cursor across the chart' Find out what type of programme they use. I'm guessing it might be what you need.