How to convert tex document to pdf? texlive and pdflatex

May 2015
Harwood Heights, Illinois
Hello, I'm sorry to burden you with this question it's probably been asked a thousand times, but no matter where I look on the net I can't find a solution.

I have texlive, I wrote the tex document, and saved it, I tried running the tex command line and using pdflatex command but it keeps saying it can't find the file, how exactly do I write the parameters? I've tried

pdflattex Tutorial One.tex

-> file not found

pdflattex c:\Windows\Users\XATJEFFMK64\Desktop\Projects\Tutorial one.tex

-> file not found.

I just want to write tex documents and turn them into pdf's so I can upload tutorials onto my website, can someone give me a very clear and concise way of doing this? :(

Country Boy

Math Team
Jan 2015
Are you certain you saved it to that directory? Try putting in the "full" name, starting with "c:".


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Nov 2006
UTC -5
If you replace "pdflatex" with "type", does it show the contents of the file? If not, you have the wrong file location.