DON'T READ - LaTex Practice Thread

Nov 2016
New Zealand
Just a thread for me to practice me LaTex

\(\displaystyle \frac{25}{36}\)

\(\displaystyle \frac{a}{b}\)
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Aug 2012
I'd like to see the mods might make a forum for $\LaTeX$ experiments.

What I do is paste in my markup and hit Go Advanced to preview how it will look.

It would still be better to have a special forum, since there are sometimes small differences between the Preview function and how the post looks after it's been committed.
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Feb 2016
If you download TexStudio and MikTex theres a couple of little programs that come with it like TeXworks that are useful for this sort of thing. Alternatively, you could just do it in browser at overleaf with real time rendering.

As for the particular quirks of the rendering on this forum, you'll just have to use the 'preview' in advanced mode as Maschke has pointed out.
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