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Mar 2015
Los Angeles
This is about Asymptote, not Latex, but I'm sure a lot of you know both languages.

Is there a way to draw a bigger "dot"? In my applications I find dots useful, particularly that they don't change size or aspect ratio with the scaling of the image, but in my applications they usually look too small. For instance an open dot is practically indistinguishable from a closed dot.

Here's another perspective on this question that may lead to a different solution.

In general I am struggling to understand how to handle drawing size and scaling. I find the size() command useful, for starters. I can use natural coordinates... maybe the whole drawing fits between 0 and 1. But with size, it will output at the desired size.

EXCEPT... I can't always choose the size I want. Fonts are one limitation. Say, axis labels have to be an appropriate size.

I haven't tried changing the font size yet. How much flexibility is there?

AND... dot size becomes one constraint on drawing size. They can't get too small.

Is there a more flexible way to see the relationship between the natural problem coordinates, the output dimensions and scaling, and font/dot size?



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Oct 2008
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\dot: $\cdot$

\bullet: $\bullet$
Mar 2015
Los Angeles
I posted this in the wrong forum, it's not a LaTeX question. It's an Asymptote question. I think it belongs in the "Math Software" section. Maybe a moderator can move it.

The "dot" I'm referring to is the Asymptote dot() function.