Ampere Loop Problem with Direction of Current

Aug 2017
I am not showing the full problem but i am trying to understand the direction of the directions of current
I am very confused with the loop2 and assigning the directions to currents i1 and i2. I am struck up with assigning direction of current.
Point C: I am very confused i can curl my fingers either from inside or outside of loop, i am confused which is the outside of the loop. If i extend that arrow upto side 1 and put my fingers in the direction of integration or arrow it is pointing down. Hence i1 is negative. Is it correct? Is there anything like inside the loop and outside the loop?
Point A: There is no ambiguous (inside the loop or outside the loop), it is outside the loop and the direction of the current is Upwards. Am I correct? Hence i1 on 2 it is negative?
Point B: At side 3 fingers around the integration the Thumb pointing down hence i2 is negative?
Now if i see the directions of current it is not consistent? Is it possible, i mean to say which current should i consider positive?
Is it possible that the loop 2 can be considered of another two loops? Please advise.


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May 2013
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Aren't the directions of the currents given in the diagram? And what are the loops in grey? Loop 2 is just crazy.

I think we need the rest of the problem. What you have doesn't make much sense.

Aug 2017
Sorry for confusion this is the complete problem

Using Amperes law
For path1 in the direction of integration Up is Positive current. Hence i1 is negative and i2 is positive
\int B.ds = u0 * iencl = 4*Pi*10^-7*(3-5) = -2.5uT.m
I am very confused for path2. Please advise.