Advanced mathematics already exists and admitted to make mistakes

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Jun 2019
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Hello everyone,

Everyone is looking for the perfect math that can solve all the real problems.

Mathematics is a strict reasoning or one has no right to the error in this reasoning and time does not exist and many real problem are not calculable to see any sense with a classical mathematics that does not let the time.

And the advanced mathematics of automatism arises from a non-respect of the rules of classical mathematics with the resolution of the infinite + infinite-to-infinity of exp (-x ^ 2) by posing a complex number with an imaginary part is equal to a real to bring out the time and create this advanced mathematics which admitted to make error reasoning because to let time turn.

And with this advanced math that includes time any real problem can be solved with sequels and a time counter and can even make reasoning errors for easy calculation as long as the computation is good.

So I do not think that classical mathematics that allows no error and strict rules can go further than the advanced mathematics of the automatic that can admit a reasoning error to get the final calculation with a short time. .


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What is "advanced mathematics of automatism"?
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