1. S

    Help turning word problems into equations please...

    Hello, my class has just started exploring rational equations. I have no problem solving the equations on their own but when I need to convert information into these equations I can confuse myself. If anyone can help me with turning these two problems into rational equations, I'd be really...
  2. H

    Word Problem Sequences and Series

    A Mining Company was founded in 1894 and the mine’s initial production was the extraction of 100kg/year of silver. Each following year saw a steady increase of 60kg/year until the silver production peaked at 700 kg/year. Production remained at this level until 1914, when an event caused the...
  3. H

    Confusing word problem

    NO POST, As was Unreadable and a fix couldn't be established. Sorry for the inconveni NO POST, As was Unreadable and a fix couldn't be established. Sorry for the inconvenience. A band, The committee members of a local operatic and dramatic society organize a one-day music festival. It is held...
  4. D

    Shopping Word Problem

    How would I solve the following? 1 ) a b c d e went shopping 2 ) each had a whole dollar amount to spend 3 ) together they had 56 dollars 4 ) The absolute difference between what a and b had to spend was 19 5 ) The absolute difference between what b and c had to spend was 7 6 ) The absolute...
  5. S

    Trig word problem for ACT

    A 33-foot ramp forms an angle of 21° with the ground, which is horizontal. Which of the following is an expression for the unknown side of the triangle? The following figure:
  6. H

    Algebra word problem

    The formula for the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle, whose short sides are p, q is r² = p² + q² 1. Make p the subject of this formula. 2. Evaluate the shortest side of a right-angled triangle, if the other two sides have lengths given by q = 9.3 and r = 11.4. State...
  7. Z

    How many pieces of string, each 2 3/4m long, can be cut from a string 16 1/2m long?

    How many pieces of string, each 2 3/4m long, can be cut from a string 16 1/2m long?
  8. Z

    Fraction Word Problem

    Hina and Arman bought a chocolate bar. Hina ate 1/8 and Arman 3/4 of the chocolate. Who ate more and by how much?
  9. A

    Word problem

    Hello, I was just doing this problem; it has explanation too, but I can't think why (25-x) comes. I hope to get an answer from my fellow forum friends. Thanks in advance.
  10. M

    Algebra Word Problem.

    In New York City, a taxi ride costs 2 dollars plus 0.30 cents per 1/5 mile and 20 cents per minute stopped in traffic. Due to traffic, Glenda's taxi took 20 min to complete what is usually a 10 min drive. If she is charged 13 dollars for the ride, how far did Glenda travel? 2 + 0.3...
  11. M

    Algebra Word Problem.

    Stumped on this question. One of the last questions in the section I'm working in. Thanks for the help. During a recent sale, BMG Music Service charged \$8.49 for the first CD ordered and \$3.99 for all others. For shipping and handling, BMG charged \$2.47 for the first CD, \$2.28 for the...
  12. K

    Linear Inequality Word Problem

    Two times of mother's age at present is less than three times of her age nine years ago by at least 3 years. What is the mother's age at present?
  13. J

    Does this word problem have a mathematical equation

    If Theresa's daughter is my daughter's mother, what am I to Theresa? A.grandmother B.mother C.daughter D.granddaughter. I'm needing an equation to solve this. Is there such an equation? Grateful for your help! Jamie Lee
  14. T

    Employee time word problem (urgent, please help soon)

    Hi, I am having trouble with this question and am wondering whether anyone can show me what equation I should use. I know how to solve algebra decently well; it's just I am confused how to find what equation to originally use. Three employees work at Starbucks. Ryan can fill an order two...
  15. Chemist116

    How to solve this word problem using conversion factors and linear function?

    The situation is as follows To complete an order at a milk factory $8$ workers had processed in $9$ days working $6$ hours per day $30$ gallons of milk. To complete the job the engineer at the plant hired $2$ more workers. How many days those $10$ men working $8$ hours a day would need to...
  16. N

    (HELP!) Gauss-Jordan Method Word Problem

    Don't even know where to start with this one - I think I have to take the given information and create a system, but I don't even understand how with the way it is worded. I'm supposed to be using the Gauss-Jordan Method. Here's all of the information. Question: You are charged with the...
  17. R

    Word Problem Help.

    I am having trouble solving this word problem. Could somebody please take me through he steps. I think I am hung up on the Kilobyte to pages conversion.:( One kilobyte of computer memory will hold about 2/3 of a page of typical text (without formatting). A typical book has about 400 pages...
  18. Monox D. I-Fly

    [ASK] Math Type in MS Word - Expressions Problematic

    I have Math Type 6.9 in my computer and every one of my coworkers has it, but there's a problem with mine. Sometimes when I've been working for hours, the math expression I copied from Math Type couldn't get pasted to Microsoft Word (I tried the Save option via Math Type plugin too, and when the...
  19. N

    Word problem

    You deposit \$2000 in account A, which pays 2.25% annual interest compounded monthly. You deposit another \$2000 in Account B, which pays 3% annual interest compounded monthly. When is the sum of the balance in both accounts at least \$5000? Thank you in advance!
  20. C

    Adding two BYTEs into a WORD

    Hi, By using a computer programmers calculator, how do I enter 2x BYTEs and get the answer as a WORD, please? Camerart.