1. Chemist116

    How can I find the speed and the angle of a water droplet?

    The problem is as follows: A person is running following a constant speed of $4.5\,\frac{m}{s}$ over a flat (horizontal) track on a rainy day. The water droplets fall vertically with a measured speed of $6\,\frac{m}{s}$. Find the speed in $\frac{m}{s}$ of the water droplet as seen by the person...
  2. I

    Temperature of water

    3ml water with temperature T_1= 7 degrees Celsius is combined with 5ml water with temperature T_2= 2 degrees Celsius Find the temperature T of the total water
  3. D

    Water Manifold Puzzle

    So you've got three pipes coming from three different water sources (1,2,3) and three pipes leading to three different water demands (a,b,c). You need to design a manifold (a bunch of pipes and valves connecting it all together) such that by opening and closing valves, any single source can...
  4. X

    Amount of water

    Larry used 5/12 of the amount of water in a container to make 30 cups of fruit punch. He then made some cups of tea using the rest of the water left in the container. The amount of water he used for each cup of tea is twice the amount used for each cup of fruit punch. How many cups of tea did he...
  5. E

    Why petrol show colors in water

    Hello Why does Petrol show color on ground while mixing with ground water and some sunlight on it, showing a beautiful rainbow? Why does this happen?
  6. Monox D. I-Fly

    [ASK] Water Pipe

    A water pipe whose diameter is 84 cm and length is 2,4 m can contain rain water with the water height 68 cm like in the attached picture. Determine: a. The surface area which gets contact with the water b. The volume of the water (in liters) So... How do I do? What is the simple way to...
  7. C

    water flow problem

    Figure above shows a path of water pipe being measured in litre/seconds. a) Create and solve the linear equation to find the quantity of water flow that may occur. b) If water flow through AB is 5 litre/min, what will happen at other pipe branches? c) What is the minimum and maximum water...
  8. P

    Mathematics of profiles of water diffusers and nozzles

    I derived this system of differential equations this week as I was researching possible profiles for water diffusers & nozzles, used when joining pipes with different bores. Mathematics: Solve this system of differential equations. \[ x' = y^{-2} \] \[ y' = - \sqrt {(t+1)^2- y^{-4}} \] \(x'\)...
  9. P

    What volume of water should be added?

    What volume of water should be added to 40.0mL acetic acid B.P. (33% w/w, density of 1.041g/mL) such that the final concentration of acetic acid in the solution is 10% w/v? (The molecular weight of acetic acid is 60.0). The answer is 97.4mL I've worked out two ways to get the answer, but I'm...
  10. P

    What happens to the temperature when salt is added to water?

    If we have icy water in a beaker, the temperature of the system is around 0 degrees Celsius. If we add some NaCl to this water, what happens to the temperature? Explain your answer using intermolecular forces. My answer: The NaCl disrupts the hydrogen bonds between water. The slightly positive...
  11. R

    Requesting Help with Water Flow rate problem

    Hi all I am trying to calculate the flow rate of water through a 6mm pipe as i am working on a water wheel project with some friends the information i have to offer is this -i have a 25L water container - Height: 370mm - Width: 270mm - Length: 350mm - there is a 6mm pipe...
  12. K

    Calculus 2 : Work Required to Pump Tank of Water

    A water tank in the shape of a hemispherical bowl of radius 4 m is filled with water to a depth of 2 m. How much work is required to pump all the water over the top of the tank? (The density of the water is 1000 kg/m3. Assume g = 9.8 m/s2.) The answer is 352800Ï€ but I do not understand how...
  13. S

    centrifugal force on water in a glass

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data There is a cyllindrical glass (r=0.05 m) full of water. It is rotating around its vertical geometric axis with 3 turns per second. How many centimetres higher is water at the rim than in the centre of the glass . Water rotates...
  14. W

    Height of a water tower problem

    This question is at the end of a section on limits and differentiation, A landmark on a distant hill is 'x' metres from a water tower. The angle of elevation from the top of the tower is observed to be '0' (0 is theta) degrees whereas the angle from the foot of the tower is observed to be 0+h...
  15. M

    Water to ice

    Hello, How we get Water to ice ??
  16. I

    water leaks out of cone

    Water leaks from the bottom of a cone at a rate of 1ft^3/min. (radius is 6 and height is 9) A) at what rate is the level of the water changing when the water level is 6ft deep? This is -1/4pi ft/min B) at what rate is the radius of the water changing when the water is 6 ft deep? This is -1/12pi...
  17. G

    When a drop of water falls into water, where do the splashes come from?

    When a drop of water falls into a reservoir of water from a high enough altitude, water droplets will splash My question: Does the water in those droplets come from the original drop or from the reservoir?
  18. B

    Memristor found - Between snowflake and water, a 3 phase magnetic engine

    I missed a potentially intelligent life form in List of potentially intelligent species on Earth - some of which being research « Forums Between snowflakes and water is a memristor and maybe everything needed to do statistical computing aka thinking. Actually we know water is alive, but not...
  19. G

    insoluble in water?

    1)AgNO3? 2)H2S 3)KC2H3O2 4)ZnCO3 :eek:
  20. G

    Which is soluble in water?

    NaCl. Or CO2