1. H

    Find all values.

    So the question basically just asks to find all the dimensions etc.... The picture is attached. I firstly halved it into the two big triangles with the line AC, I then found the length of the line AC=151.41, rounding = 151.4m, angle A in ACD was equal to 22.862 degrees so about 22degrees...
  2. R

    Need help finding a few values.

    I need help in finding a few values in the example picture. I have plugged in some generic values, I am looking for the math to solve ?? values. How do I find the green h? How do I find the green r? How do i find the blue h? The shape is technically isosceles trapezoid, it is cone...
  3. A

    How to prove that a rational algebraic expression is capable of all values?

    Well, I want to express myself using an example from Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight . Find the limits between which a must lie in order that \frac{ax^2 - 7x +5} {5x^2-7x+a} may be capable of all values, x being any real quantity. Solution:- Put \frac{ax^2-7x+5} {5x^2-7x+a} = y...
  4. M

    What is the probability that X, Y and Z take different values (X≠Y, Y ≠Z, Z ≠X)

    Independent random variables X, Y and Z take only integer values: X - from 1 to 15 with probability 1/15, Y - from 1 to 10 with probability 1/10, Z - from 1 to 8 with probability 1/8. What is the probability that X, Y and Z take different values (X≠Y, Y ≠Z, Z ≠X)? I have an idea of writing...
  5. B

    May undefined values will eventually be defined?

    So we know that division by zero is undefined, a lot of limiting values are also undefined. Does that mean that we will never find an answer to these questions? For example \sqrt{-1} was also undefined but we defined it. Does this mean that there is hope that someone will eventually for...
  6. S

    Find all values for x, y

    We know that a^2,b^2,c^2 are different squares. We've got these 3 equations x+y=a^2 2x+y=b^2 x+2y=c^2 Find all x,y
  7. B

    Finding Values of the Mean using Static Values with only Means - What is the formula?

    Hey, So I have a question about finding values that make up an average. In the example below each number is an average of three values. in the example below I will explain how the averages are made up. As you can see each A - M is a given mean of three values. The last two values in the mean...
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    Mean of means - standard deviation of mean values

    Sorry if this has been asked numerous times and sorry if I describe it from an engineers point of view. Let us say I have N measurements and I calculate the mean value and the standard deviation. Okay. Now let us have M times N measurements. I could calculate now the mean value of the whole...
  9. P

    Prove of an inequation with absolute values

    Hello, how can I prove that if 3f(x)=2x+sin(f(x)) for all x€R, then |f(x)|<=|x| for all x€R?
  10. G

    Is there any trick to solve it?

    A man sells 2 cycles for Rs 7035 each, one at a loss of 16.67% and the other at a gain of 16.67%. What is his overall gain/loss %? Solution: Ist cycles SP = 7035 CP = ? Loss =16.67% = 5/6 IInd cycle SP = 7035 C.P = ? Profit =16.67% = 7/6 We get SP = 35 by multiply numerator of loss and...
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    how to compare X and Y values?

    Questions: 8X^2 + 34X + 21 = 0 6Y^2 + 7Y + 2 = 0 Solutions: X values of first equation: -7/2 or -3/4 Y values of second equation: -1/2 or -2/3 Answer is X < Y Here X and Y got 2 values, how to compare X and Y values?
  12. S

    find the possible values of sin theta if cos theta = 2/3

    Hello 1. Find the possible values of sin theta if: a. Cos theta = 2/3 b. cos theta = - 3/sq13 Can someone explain the steps to take to find the values of the above? I have looked online and was not able to get a clear understanding what is needed to get the values...
  13. G

    Why did we bring two unknown values x and y?

    Wealth tax percentages with remaining taxes like Income tax etc. 2013 - 1.4% + income tax... 2014 . 1.8% + income tax... If the wealth tax collected in 2013 was 80% of that collected in 2014, the total wealth tax collected in 2013 was approximately what percentage more than that collected in...
  14. V

    Determine the values of the variables for which each of the following identities

    1.{2x / Cosx- Sinx} = Cosx + Sinx 2.{1 - Sin 2x}/ {Sinx- Cosx} = Sinx - Cosx 3.{Sinx + Sinx} /{1 + Cosx + Cos2x} = Tanx Determine the values of the variables for which each of the following identities are undefined......:unsure::unsure::unsure: Please help i just need get through...
  15. V

    Determine values of variables for each of the following identities

    1. 2x / Cosx- Sinx = Cosx + Sinx 2.1 - Sin 2x / Sinx- Cosx = Sinx - Cosx 3.Sinx + Sinx /1 + Cosx + Cos2x = Tanx
  16. V

    Determine values of valuables where identities are undefined

    1.Cos 2x /Cosx - Sinx = Cos x + Sinx 2.1-Sinx / Sinx - Cosx = Sinx - Cosx
  17. Z

    Using Eigen Values and Vectors for computing complex arithmetic series

    The Fibonacci sequence is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, .... In general, F_{k+2} = F_{k+1} + F_{k} . Here is some background info, we derive the following matrix for computing F_{100} : \mathbf{A} = \begin{bmatrix} 1 & 1 \\ 1 & 0 \end{bmatrix} \begin{bmatrix} F_{k+2} \\...
  18. T

    Maximum absolute error when calculating a difference using two rounded down values.

    I have a maths question from an old text book where I disagree with the answer given. You have 2 pins. One is measured as 12mm and the other is 14mm. The values measured are rounded down to the nearest mm. That means the true length of each pin "l1" and "l2" by my calculation would be:- 12...
  19. J

    Can Probability density functions take negative values?

    My question is: evaluate the pdf at fx(3) where fx(x)=(-2)/((1+x)^3) and compute value -1/32, can pdf's be negative or have i made a mistake in the previous question? Thanks!
  20. S

    [Determinants] A -> 2x2. Find all the real values r, x, y.

    A \varepsilon \mu (2x2) , A= \begin{Bmatrix} -2 & 4\\ 4 & -3\end{Bmatrix} Find all the real values r, x, y for: 1. |A-rI|=0 2. (A-rI)\binom{x}{y}=0 How do I proceed?