1. I

    A type of equation

    Find all integers n such that n^2 +n is a power of 2 .
  2. E

    new type of number

    Hello everyone, In admit the existence of a negative square thus the existence of i, and that X <= Y and Y> = X without X = Y For the numbers on real. So Let the number X such that X <1 and X> 1 with X # 1 And the number Z such that Z <-1 and Z> -1 with Z # -1 The two numbers X...
  3. M

    Q: What group has trapezoid-faced hedrons?

    Recently, I've been investigating platonic solids, which led to archimedian and catalan solids. Well, I noticed that the truncated polyhedrons were basically two polyhedra with the same center and keep only the overlap between them. (Subtraction with polyhedra?) Then looking at the chiral or...
  4. G

    How to solve this Late/Early/Usual Time type problem?

    A person reaches office 15 mins late when travelling speed of 40 km/hr. A person reaches office 10 mins early when travelling speed of 50 km/hr. How much time he should travel if he reaches office by 1 hour late? Overall distance = 25*40*50/10*60 = 83.33m First person's time without...
  5. B

    What type of wooden window list

    Hello I want to know wooden window name list how to know...
  6. G

    How to solve this puzzling type time and distance model problem?

    A bike starts from Delhi every 45 minutes, the first one starting at 8:30 am, and the last one starting at 5:30pm. A car starts from Agra every 60 minutes, the first one starting at 10am and the last at 4 pm. A bike takes 5 hours and a car takes 4 hours to cover the distance. How many bikes...
  7. G

    How to solve this type of problems in easy way?

    (43 X 57) ÷ (7 X 13) + (18 X 29 X 57) ÷ 47 = ? Right answer is 660 approx. I should not use calculators etc, I should do this sum in few seconds. what is the trick behind it?
  8. G

    How to do this type of problems?

    3) Two statements are given below followed by four alternative inference. Select the one which logically follows from the given information. Statements:. All books are pages All pages are boxes Inference: (a) All boxes are books (b) All books are boxes (c) No books are boxes (d) Some...
  9. M

    What do you call this type of problem

    When you have a question that requires you to look at a chart or graph then answer the question using math what are these types of questions called? are they just word problems or is there another name for them? any advice on how I can get better at doing these types of questions ?
  10. A

    Selecting test type

    As seen in the question, I think that it should be a 2-sample t test, but I would just like to make sure my thinking is on the right path. I considered Chi squared : The sample size doesn't exactly matter here, but because the "before" and "after" matters, and especially with 2 methods A and B...
  11. Monox D. I-Fly

    [ASK] Math Type in MS Word - Expressions Problematic

    I have Math Type 6.9 in my computer and every one of my coworkers has it, but there's a problem with mine. Sometimes when I've been working for hours, the math expression I copied from Math Type couldn't get pasted to Microsoft Word (I tried the Save option via Math Type plugin too, and when the...
  12. D

    Integrals of type x^ncos(ax) or x^nsin(ax)?

    How can you solve for these types of integrals? \displaystyle \int x^{n}\cos(ax) \ dx \ or \displaystyle \int x^{n}\sin(ax) \ dx\\ An example of an integral that I want to solve \displaystyle \int x^{5}\cos(3x) \ dx Using u-substitution: \displaystyle u = \cos(3x)\\ \displaystyle du...
  13. M

    Equation for this type of sigmoid decay?

    I am designing a synthesizer for acoustic sounds like guitar and drums. An exponential decay is decent to describe the sound of these instruments. However, after heavy studio audio processing (limiting, compression), the sound we are used to hearing from these instruments in modern recorded...
  14. E

    What Type Of Regression Should I Do With This Data?

    I have radio market populations. The difference in population between consecutive market numbers is bigger for bigger markets. Since the data is not linear, what type of regression should I do? My calculator can do these types of nonlinear regression: Quadratic Cubic Quartic Natural...
  15. W

    Help!!! How do you type equations

    Seeking help just getting a hand written equation in type format. I am working on a project for a school. If anyone could bail me out here I would very thankful. I have taken a photo. I have three left to right out and have no clue on these. Thanks Bill
  16. A

    Type I and Type II Errors

    Can somebody please explain this to me? It would mean the world! Thanks so much brainiacs!:) (1) When β is .05, the probability of a Type I error is... (2) When β is .05, the probability of a Type II error is...
  17. N

    Diophantine Type Question

    I couldn't figure out what to call what I was trying to do here, but the idea is really quite simple m = ac - bd k = ad + bc Is there some way to define a,b,c,d in terms of m and k that makes both of these equations true without creating any kind of relation between m and k? (I can choose...
  18. I

    type of number

    Tell if 2438100000001 is prime or not ?
  19. D

    Using Newton's laws etc. pulley type.

    Consider a situation where there is a particle1 which has mass 6kg. The particle is momentarily at rest at an angle of 42 degrees above the horizontal. The particle is then connected by an inextensible, light string to another particle 2 with mass of 3.5kg. Now, this string then goes over...
  20. U

    Math type Information please

    Hi, I'm working on coding and wanting to display my questions and posts in math type. I understand how to open this in the forum with \(the open and close brackets etc \) but I'm wondering whether there is a link to a site that can tell me how to do subscripts and all sorts of things like \(...