1. D

    Barycentric coefficients of an orthocenter

    Hi, The Barycentric coefficients of an orthocenter of any triangle are as follows : (A, tan(A)), (B, tan(B)), (C, tan(C)) Coefficient a = tan(A), coefficient b = tan(B), coefficient c = tan(C) a.\vec{MA} + b.\vec{MB} + c.\vec{MC} = \vec{0} My question is : what is the explanation of that...
  2. idontknow

    Triangle problem

    Given triangle with lengths a,b,c , prove that the sum of two random chosen lengths is larger than the other length.
  3. Chemist116

    How can I find the sum of vectors in this triangle?

    The problem is as follows: Using the figure from below find the modulus of the resultant vector if it is known $\left\|v\right\|=3$ and $\left\|u\right\|=5$. The alternatives given on my book are: $\begin{array}{ll} 1.&7\\ 2.&10\\ 3.&14\\ 4.&23\\ 5.&28\\ \end{array}$ I...
  4. Chemist116

    Can the length of this triangle be solved using congruence?

    I found this riddle in my book. Supposedly it should be solved without requiring trig. The problem is as follows: A CTV broadcasting tower is resting atop a square flat base in the highest hill of Taipei. The tower is supported by five cables which are held tight to the ground by four...
  5. H

    Trig triangle problem

    A student is talented in furniture making and has decided to build a bike frame out of wood. The student likes this design they found online, but instead of curves on the frame, the student will use straight pieces of wood. As the student intends to use a wooden bike to demonstrate some...
  6. T

    Calculate third point of triangle given angle and line length

    I have a triangle with the three points named A, B and C. I know the coordinates of A and B and need to calculate C. I also know the angle a and that |AB|=|AC|. Unfortunately the only formulas for triangles I remember, are about calculating an unknown length or angle, and I need the coordinates...
  7. idontknow

    Triangle statement

    Prove that the sum of any two lengths of a triangle is larger than the one left . Assume the triangle’s lengths are a,b,c .
  8. Y


    In triangle XYZ, XY=6, angle X=60, and angle Y=70. Determine the values of XZ, YZ, & angle Z. PLEASE HELP.
  9. happy21

    Circumradius of an especial triangle

    Hello, There is a triangle ABC, the orthocenter of which is the point P. How can we find the circumradius of the triangle PBC in terms of R (where R is the circumradius of the triangle ABC)? Thanks.
  10. Y


    State sinB, cosB, tanB as ratio for the following triangle: answer: soh cah toa sinB = O/H = 8/17 cosB= a/h= 15/17 tanB= o/a= 8/15 Please check answers. Thanks.
  11. L

    Triangle's area which is in a trapezoid

    The are of the trapezoid is 234. Can you help me find the area of the darker triangle?
  12. N

    Circle and triangle

    A circle k(O) with diameter AB is given. Lines PC and PD touch k (C, D \in k). AC \cap BD = K. Show that PK \bot AB. I have tried to calculate some angles if \angle DCP = \angle PDC = \alpha but it seems useless at the end. I also see that \angle ACB = \angle ADB = \frac...
  13. N

    Show that a triangle is right angled

    In △ABC (not isosceles) CH, CL and CM are respectively height, bisector and median. Show that ∠ACB=90 degrees if and only if ∠HCL=∠MCL. I think that I have to show that △MCB (or △ACM) is isosceles, but I can't figure it out. I will be very grateful if you help me.
  14. happy21

    Square in a right triangle.

    Hi, Please solve the question attached in the image file. Thx.
  15. P

    Pythagoras theorem Can we apply Pythagoras theorem to decimal points where a,b & c are decimal points sides in a right angled triangle? a^2 + b^2 = c^2 a & b are sides c is Hypothenuse Examples of a,b & c : 3.1,2.3,4.3,5.2,7.3,11.4,13.3 etc Thanks &...
  16. T

    The Area of the region of the Equilateral Triangle that lies Outside the Circle

    I'm considering a circle of diameter D superimposed over the equilateral triangle of side length D, with their centres coinciding. What is the total area of the three regions of the triangle that lie outside the circle?
  17. Chemist116

    How to find the smallest length in a triangle when the angles aren't known?

    I am confused on how to find the answer for this problem. So far what I believe would apply is the triangle inequality but I'm not sure on how to use it. The figure $ABC$ is a triangle so as $BDC$. It is known that the length of $AB = 8$ inches and $\angle BAD = 2\,\angle BCD$ and...
  18. C

    Triangle question from a Math "Dummy"?

    No math background... But need help. What is the "?-ft." measurement? Any questions? Thanks!
  19. Y


    Could not solve this on my exam. Please help with explanation. Thanks. Find the value of x which makes the area of this triangle equal 72. A. x=10.5 B. x=6 C. x=4.6875 D. x=9.375 triangle
  20. B

    A 1 unit by 1 unit triangle is impossible

    If you have none maths you will have been taught about a triangle that has sides equal to 1 unit long, the diagonal of the triangle is equal to root 2. Root 2 never terminates-it does not stop but A 1 unit by 1 unit triangle is impossible- thus maths ends in meaninglessness...