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    Numbers transformation problem

    Hello, I can't figure out the answer to this exercise. It says: 190 -> 42 180 -> 37 160 -> 24 140 -> 16 122 -> 10 154 -> ? Thank you for your help.
  2. A

    Solve for x in T(x) = Ax in linear transformation

    When solving for x as given in question (photo attached), I can't seem to get the right x. I solve for x using row reduction with augumented matrix 1 -4 4 |-4 0 1 -4 |-1 2 -9 8 |-3 and I get x = (4,3,1) which is wrong, with the error message that I'm solving wrongly. Using graphic...
  3. E

    Transformation matrix of permutation

    I need help with the following: Let \sigma \in S_n be a permutation of numbers 1, \dots, n and f:K^n \rightarrow K^n, \begin{pmatrix} x^1 \\ \vdots \\ x^n \end{pmatrix} \mapsto \begin{pmatrix} x^{\sigma(1)} \\ \vdots \\ x^{\sigma(n)} \end{pmatrix} a linear mapping. (i) Calculate the linear...
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    Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues in relation to a double transformation

    Hi guys, I have the following question: I have been thinking about this for a while now, but I simply cannot work it out... Let V be a linear space of n dimensions over R, and let S,T:V->V be linear transformations. True or False? 1. If v is an eigenvector of S and of T, then v is...
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    Transformation of Equations - What is the deeper thing?

    Hi, If you have an ordinary differential equation (or equations), you can transform them under some conditions (integral, linear operator, ...) to algebraic equations. If you have a partial differential equation you may transform it to an ODE. This can be shown "easily" by doing Fourier...
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    Geometric representation of matrix transformation

    I want to sketch the 2-vector \textbf{u}=\left( \begin{array}{c} 2\\ 3 \end{array} \right) and its image under the matrix transformation f: R^2\rightarrow R^3 defined by f(u)=\left( \begin{array}{cc} 1 & 0\\ 1 & -1\\ 0 & 1 \end{array} \right)\textbf{u}. Can I sketch both of \textbf{u} and...
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    2 Transformation Questions: Further Complex Numbers

    I need help with a couple of questions which can be found in Edexcel's AS and A Level Modular Mathematics FP2. Here it goes... 16. A transformation from the z-plane to the w-plane is defined by: w=\frac { az+b }{ z+c } , where a, b and c are elements of real numbers. Given that w=1 when...
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    Finding transformation matrix for similar matrices

    I scouted through online but I am unable to find any comprehensive explanation of finding the transformation matrix T A and B are n x n matrices. A and B are 'similar' matrices. Here is the definition of similar matrices B = T^{-1} A T Find T.
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    Bivariate Transformation for Sum of Random Variables

    Let $ X $ and $Y$ have the joint PDF $f(x,y)=4e^{-2(x+y)}$ on $x>0$ and $y>0$ and zero otherwise. Find the distribution of $W=X+Y$ I make the substitutions $W=X+Y$ and $U=X$ to obtain that the Jacobian is simply $1$. So then I calculate the joint distribution of $U$ and $W$ to be $f(u,w)...
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    Transformation of equation

    Hello buddies, I am a layman in Mathematics, but now I am reading a book about Physics, where I found the following transformation. Please, tell me whether the transformation is correct (valid) from a mathematical point of view. Let's forget about Physics for a moment.... I want to check out...
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    Surroundings to see where a car is going (drawing projective)

    I want to solve one task to determine the surroundings on the road to see where a car is going (using camera). Input data I use Android smartphone and its camera. Android also can give many useful information (values) from its sensors height of camera, mm width of car...
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    Exponential, Potential Functions (Transformation etc..)

    Hello everyone, this may be in the wrong section, I'm bot really sure but nevertheless I'll tell you my problem atm. I'm very good at maths, usually. The new subject though caught me off guard. The potetntial and exponential functions, and exponential growth, also transformation etc. I want...
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    Function Transformation

    Please lend your knowledge :happy: 9. The point (-3,5) is on the graph y=f(x) is then reflected in the line y=x. Determine the coordinates of a point on the new graph. 10. The graph y=3x-2 is reflected in the y-axis. Determine the equation of the new graph. 12. Determine the equation of...
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    Function Transformation

    I got my homework back and these are the questions that absolutely puzzled me. I really need help in understanding :unsure: 1.Given the function f(x)=x+6. The function g(x) results after the function f(x) has been stretched about the x axis by a factor of 3, reflected in the x axis, translated...
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    Graph Transformation questions

    Hello all, I am trying to understand the rules for translating a graph with an absolute value. I don't get why y=\left | x+c \right | should shift the graph to the left. When I try to reason it out, I see that we are adding a value to x, thus making it bigger, shouldn't we be moving on the...
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    Affine transformation

    Hi guys am stuck on this one If $E(X)=3$ and $Var(X)=2$ what is $E((2+5X)^2)$
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    Linear transformation help!!!

    Hi, could someone tell me if I did (b) correctly?? I'm not too sure.. Have exam tmr. Thanks!!
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    SKetch graph of transformation -f(x+2)-4

    Can anyone please help me with this before I lose my mind?! I did the second graph and think I am correct on that part? But I am really lost on the vertical stretching/shrinking.
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    Girsanov transformation in the Black-Scholes Model

    Hello, I would like to use the Girsanov transformation in the Black-Scholes model with infinite time horizon in order to find an equivalent martingale measure. The problem is not the Girsanov transformation itself but the existence of the probability measure. Here is a more detailed...
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    How to do this image transformation?

    I have an image with a colorized blob that has fuzzy edges (on top), and I want to create an outline for it made of straight lines (bottom): I don't really need to fill it, just adding outlines will do. Can be turned into a black & white image. Can anyone...