1. G

    What is the Distance in Meeting for first time for opposite direction?

    I able to calculate this 2 things: relative speed of A and B = 3 + 1; 4m/sec Time for meeting for first time in opposite direction = 100/(3+1); 25 sec I can't able to find distance in Meeting for first time for opposite direction.
  2. Chemist116

    How can I find the time for the least possible distance between two cars?

    The problem is as follows: Two volkswagen possesses constant velocities and pass through the position labeled $A$ on the instant indicated in the figure from below. Find the time which will take the cars to be separated by a minimum distance. The alternatives given on my book are as...
  3. Chemist116

    How to find the time after an object reaches a distance from a squared speed?

    The problem is as follows: The figure from below shows the squared speed against distance attained of a car. It is known that for $t=0$ the car is at $x=0$. Find the time which will take the car to reach $24\,m$. The given alternatives on my book are: $\begin{array}{ll} 1.&8.0\,s\\...
  4. G

    When to add & subtract in this time & distance problem?

    A and B are racing at a 1 km track. A gives B a start of 100m and beats him by 15 sec. A, in his over confidence, now gives B a start of 90 sec, but loses by 500m. In how much time does A finish the race? Sol: 1st case: A does 1000m in t sec B does 900m in t +15 sec 2nd case...
  5. Chemist116

    How do I find the time from given velocities in a circular motion?

    This problem has left me going in circles. No pun intended, but I'm confused at how to use the vectors given to find the time. The problem is as follows: A sphere has a uniform circular motion. This object passes through two points $A$ and $B$, when this happens its speed is...
  6. Chemist116

    How can I tell on which time both objects meet?

    The problem is as follows: A kid is located at $20$ meter distance from a school bus. Once the child starts running to the bus at $6 \frac{m}{s}$, this moves from rest with a constant acceleration of $1 \frac{m}{s^{2}}$. Indicate which of the following statements from below are true (T) or...
  7. tahirimanov19

    Old Soviet Time Math Literature

    I found web-site about soviet times, where you can download soviet time literature. Here is Link for math books: https://sovietime.ru/matematika
  8. E

    Questions That Could Make You Waste Your Time

    The ACT had an inequality where the answers were number lines. The fifth and final choice was a blank line with the words "empty set." That was the correct answer because the inequality had absolute value < or = -1, so working with x in the absolute value was a waste of time.
  9. B

    Analysis of Time Domain signal

    Hello guys, for the last 27 years I ran my own business collecting and analysing vibration data from production machinery. If you want to understand more, you could look at my website - just google efftek and steve ferry, that's me and my company. I am now (sort of) retired to Cyprus but when...
  10. G

    Demolition in Time & Work problem.

    A can build a wall in 6 hours, while B can demolish the same wall in 10 hours. In how many hours would A be able to build the wall if they work on alternate hours?? My attempt: total work 30 units A's efficiency = 5 B efficiency = - 3 -------------------------------------- Combining...
  11. G

    What is the use of finding time ratio in this problem?

    Dipak goes to his office, covering half of the distance by auto & rest by metro; total time taken by him to cover complete distance is 50 min. If he covers complete distance by metro, it would take 35 mins to reach the office. On a particular day, he goes to his office & returns by auto; find...
  12. G

    how much time Y take to do it alone?

    X does half of work that Y does in 1/6 of the time. They take 10 days to complete a work together, how much time Y take to do it alone? Solution: x/y = 2/6 = 1/3 3/4 = 10 3 = 40 Please explain this tiny solution. How are 2/6 & 3/4 obtained?
  13. I

    Acceleration in terms of time

    Can anyone help? Find s(t)\; if a(t)=\frac{5}{(1+t)^2 }, \; \; t\in [0,10]. Answer in the pdf is s(t)=5t-5\ln(t+1)+10. (using a=v’=s’’) v(t)=\int a(t) dt =c_1 - \frac{5}{t+1} , how to find c_1 ? Pdf says v(0)=0 then c_1=5. s(t)=\int v(t) dt =5t-5\ln(t+1) + c_2 \; , how to find...
  14. G

    How to solve this time & work problem?

    24 men can complete a work in 16 days. 32 women can complete the same work in 24 days. 16 men & 16 women started working and worked for 12 days. How many more men are to be added to complete the remaining work in 2 days? Sol: 24m → 16 32w → 24 24m*16 = 32w*24 1m=2w Total work...
  15. shunya

    Probability of living at a certain time

    The human populatio is growing exponentially. An example of the human population could be: Year 1800: population 1.75 billion Year 1900: population 3.5 billion [1.75 * 2] Year 2000: population 6 billion [1.75 * 2 * 2] The question is: Given any person which year is that person more...
  16. H

    A geometry time question

    If a rescue craft is launched from Miami and can travel with a maximum speed of 35 knots, how long should it take to reach the crash site? Note: 1 knot = 1.852 km/hr. The approximate distance in this region for latitude of 1° = 111 km and longitude 1° = 100 km. Let's suppose the coordinates...
  17. S

    Can some one tell me about a time in math

    When a new method more logical and simpler of accomplishing a set goal or task was created when once thought that the best way had been figured.....setting the bar at a pretty much giving the new standard an unsurpassable level. Or if one so wanted to corner said market or metaphorically hold...
  18. I

    Total time problem

    First worker capacity alone to do the work : 12 hours Second worker capacity alone to do the work : 6 hours They start working together for 3 hours and then the second worker continues to work alone . How much time the second worker did work ?
  19. Chemist116

    How do I find the time of a scheduled event if it is given between a range?

    I'm going in circles with this riddle. It doesn't appear too complicated but I got tangled with the *right* interpretation of the *time* mentioned. The problem is as follows: At a TV station a program director decides to set a new schedule for the morning news show. He decides that the show is...
  20. M

    Probability of two buyers service time

    I have a geometric probability question and I don't know how exactly it should be solved and how graph should look like. The question is: The problem is that I don't know how to draw graph for this question. Thanks for any help you could give me!