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    Closed Thread: Real Numbers and Limits.

    Why was subject thread only closed after I attempted to respond to a question? What I have to say was not said before, that an infinite decimal sequence, THE SEQUENCE, is the real number, not it's calculus limit. If someone was interested in what I had to say, why couldn't I respond without...
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    Calculate mass along thread (line-integral)

    I've tried to solve this 4 times already, what am I doing wrong?
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    Thread: Graph Grammar Function For Two Exotic Graphs Question please.

    I will start my question by describing a particular graph. 1. There are a finite, fixed, number of nodes. labeled {A,B....Z} (so for this example there are 24 nodes). 2. Each node consists of another graph (tree) with exactly 3 nodes in 3 depths. That means we have a graph where the nodes...
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    DON'T READ - LaTex Practice Thread

    Just a thread for me to practice me LaTex _______________________________________ \frac{25}{36} \frac{a}{b}
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    Sticky a thread about normal distribution in the statistics forum?

    In recent weeks, there have been a lot of posts by several different users seeking help with probabilities/proportions using the normal distribution. It seems that people have a lot of problems with this kind of problems. Can we open (possibly sticky) a thread in the Probability and Statistics...
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    Where did copper come from? Fun thread!

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum and have been helping out some of the users here. In one of the threads someone mentioned that I should talk about my research, so I figured I would... but in a fun way! So here's my suggestion... I have a difficult but interesting question below that I...
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    First time thread! V=4/3 . PI . R^3 Rewrite as R=....

    Hello Peeps, this is my first time posting. My name is Kees I'm 23 years old and Im from Holland. I am a carpenter atm but will start my education to be a construction supervisor which will take 4 years. Recently I started taking math classes and just got my fist grade 7.4! (out of 10) So...
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    Academic Guidance Please Disregard Previous Thread!

    I am simply looking for a legitimate online PreCalc course I can take before taking the actual class at my school so I can be prepared. Does anyone know of any institutions, websites, etc. that would offer that?
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    other cases of the problem at "divisible by 40" thread

    I was looking at the "divisible by 40" thread and developed a proof[1], and noticed that I could set a similar problem with 5n+1 and 7n+1 finding that when both are perfect squares, n is divisible by 24 5*24+1 = 11^2, and 7*24+1 = 13^2, if we call (11,13) a pair of roots, the next pair would be...
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    Yet another (?) movie thread

    Since I'm pretty green here, I don't know if there are a lot of movie threads, but I searched a little and didn't find much. I would like to ask if anyone else has seen the movie ?(pi)? I think this movie fuels the thrill I get around large numerical computation. Even though the Ming Mecca...
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    Mathematical Humor Thread

    I was thinking of starting a mathematical humor thread that would allow some of us to have some fun here and there. :wink: The idea is to have a humorous discussion while keeping up somewhat of a semblance of seriousness. 8) People can invent math-related situations that they need "help"...