1. M

    Why these topics?

    Why are gcd, Diophantine equations, primes, Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, modular arithmetic, Fermat's Little Theorem, Euler's Theorem, primitive roots, quadratic residues, Pythagorean triples and so on fundamental in an elementary number theory course? Every elementary number theory...
  2. C

    Teaching maths

    Hi, I have an interview tomorrow. There are two questions that I am going to be asked. Does teaching maths to KS4 differ from that of KS3? My instant is that it does not apart from the fact that more revision is needed in KS4? The topics are still the same and can be taught in KS3 equally with...
  3. V

    Teaching mathematics through the ages

  4. N

    Integration of technology in teaching circumference of circle

    Hi! I want to teach a math lesson in which students will be exploring circumference of circle. I want to integrate technology in the lesson. Please suggest
  5. P

    Academic Guidance How to start teaching to someone pursuing a schoolarship.

    Hello everyone. First of all my english is horrible but i found this site to be a good one to help me out with this matter. My cousin has discovered a new love in math, he start thinking in get a schoolarship to study math or physics. This happens last year when he got into a good school. He...
  6. C

    A game-ified, tactile, geometric approach to factoring!

    In an effort to engage my grade 10 high school math students, I created a Windows computer game (Algebra Tile Factris) to teach / strengthen quadratic factoring. It stretches your thinking to make a geometric connection to a concept typically learned by rote algebraic algorithm! My students...
  7. T

    I'm thinking of teaching myself math. (Short story involved)

    I really do. When I think about it, I've been teaching myself math since I was a teenager. Bear with me while I give a bit of background. I'm not going to dive too much into personal things. You can also skip to the bottom, if you want. I was in homeschool for most of my childhood and all of...
  8. V

    Fun Math Teaching Games for Kids

    Fun Math Teaching games is a ideal math game for kids. It provides practice on Divison, addition and other math activities. It's offers fun ways to learn Math. Parents can create different levels to suit different learning needs and have fun with their kids. This is game that provides a fun and...
  9. M

    Fourier series

    Why are Fourier series important? Are there any real life applications of Fourier series? Are there examples of Fourier series which have an impact on students learning this topic. I have found the normal suspects of examples in this field such as signal processing, electrical principles but...
  10. G

    Academic Guidance Teaching a more interesting Mathematics

    I just wanted to know how as a future teacher,bcan I make math be more interesting for my elementary students?
  11. S

    Suggestions for teaching high school calculus visually?

    I'm in an education technology class in college and we have to pick a theme to do our projects on all semester. I selected teaching calculus visually because I always hated my teachers/professors who focused solely on theorems and number crunching. We're going to be using Microsoft Office 2010...
  12. matthematical

    Academic Guidance Teaching!

    Hi all! Do you teach math? If so, which level? Which classes have you taught? Do you like teaching? Is it temporary (i.e. part of a graduate program or as an adjunct), or do you plan to make a career out of it? I teach at California State University, Los Angeles, which is where I'm finishing...
  13. E

    Academic Guidance Teaching with online math games

    My students are totally engaged when I include online math games within a lesson or as homework. The repetition and association that games = fun really helps them capture the subjects. My class really enjoys http://www.mangahigh.com/, a new site with Algebra, Geometry, Quizzes, etc. Has...
  14. M

    Academic Guidance Learning and Teaching Mathematics - help

    Hi there I am a big fan of the Maths Centre (http://www.mcpt.org). They help learners and teachers with Maths, Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship Education. Just thought I should share this with you :D
  15. C

    I need help I am teaching myself

    What is the limit of (X^-3)*ln(abs x) as x approaches 0?.... abs is absolute value.
  16. M

    Teaching myself linear algebra

    Okay so i have a few texts available to learn about linear algebra. I have had significant training in Calculus so im not worried about that part. What my question is: I have heard conflicting arguments regarding the information on inverse matrices. Gilbert Strang (MIT) states that the inverses...