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    how meanwell power supply work

    ritesh kakkar hello how meanwell power supply work 5v 24v 220v
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    Differentiate both sides of equation (labour demand and supply)

    Hi all I am looking at the simple economic theory behind the impact of wage subsidies and I'm struggling with a simple differentiation of the labour demand and labour supply functions. In Page 13 of the linked pdf (extracted image attached), the author differentiates Equation (2) to get...
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    ti-83/84 supply and demand function

    Hi, Is there a way to graph supply and demand functions on the ti-83 or ti-84? One example I have is: p=D(q)=294-(5/3)q p=S(q)=(2/3)q with p being the price in dollars and q the number of 42-gallon gas barrels. I know how to do it by hand but thought on the ti I'd input...
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    Find Supply and Demand Equations

    sorry I realized the solution
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    consumer/ supply surplus!

    My professor reopened the homeoworks for my class which i can get a B if i do all of them! here's one that's giving me problems. The demand function for a certain make of replacement cartridges for a water purifier is given by the following equation where p is the unit price in dollars and x...
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    Plotting Supply & Demand Curve

    Hey everyone, I'm new here, would love some help on this problem. *Note: At market equilibrium, we have Demand = Supply The supply and demand functions for a good are given, respectively, by q = 2p + 10 , p(q + 4) = 60, where p is the price. a) Determine the equilibrium price and...
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    Help: Demand and supply equation

    Hi i don't quite understand this question, i know the answer, but i don't understand how to work out the answer. Much help is appreciated~ Lardland is a net importer of Donuts. It faces a world price of $500 per Kg. The demand and supply equations are given by P = 1000 – 2QD and P = 400 + 1Qs...
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    Relating the Interest Rate to the Supply Curve

    Today, I was scratching my head as to how one might model supply and demand changes based on price elasticity. This was inspired by the suggestion someone had that speculation played a significant part in oil prices: But, I figured it was more important...
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    Economic Supply and Demand Simultaneous question

    Hi I already posted a question in the high school section, but I am doing some advanced 1st year college stuff in Economics, and I need a little bit of help for this too. Sorry! (s and s are subscript) Supply Ps=2+5qs Demand Pd=10-3qd It asks to find the values of q and p at the market...
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    Supply and Demand

    I need help deriving supply and demand equations I'll give the problem and answer, but I need to know how to get the equation. Is it through linear regression or other means? At 4.80 per bushel, the annual supply for soybeans in the Midwest is 1.9 billion bushels and the annual demand is 2.0...
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    Supply and demand...

    Can someone please help me solve this problem. 5 sqrt(p-12)=3 sprt(80-p) Is this a reasonable supply and demand function? Why or Why not? What is the equilibrium price? What price maximizes revenue?