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    Number of trials until success for successful participants

    Hello, I have the following problem: Given a Bernoulli trial with probability of success p and a number of trials x, what is the expected number of trials until success among those that succeed in x trials? e.g. if p = 0.02 and x = 60, (1-0.02)^50 = 0.36 attempts fail all 60 trials, and I...
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    Tips for Successful Career

    Hiiiii, Guys, Please share with us, Some tips for Successful Career that are helpful for everyone ?
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    Probability of consecutive trials are successful

    We attempt infinitely many independent experiments: the nth trial is succesful with a probabilty of n^{-\alpha}, \; 0<\alpha <1. Let be k \geq 1. We 'win' if the event that k consecutive trials are successful, occurs infinitely many times. What is the probability of 'winning'? I would really...
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    Successful attempt question.

    Hello, newbie here. I've got this problem, and would like the help of your expertise. What would be a way to write out an equation to determine the percentage of the likelihood of something happening in a row? Because I've been stumped. The problem is... Well, something works all the time first...