1. M

    seeking advice for tutoring a student in algebra

    Hi, I'm very good at math but not very experienced as a math tutor. I'm going to be helping a friend's son this week. Apparently he is in a Pre-calculus class and they did a "review test" last Friday covering mostly Algebra II stuff (maybe even some Algebra I) .. basic simplification, factoring...
  2. A

    Topology for a Physics student

    I am interested in exploring topology, however, am not sure where to start. I am a physics student going from first to second year. Could anyone suggest any introductory books appropriate for my mathematics, or if topology in itself is too complex to start, any books that give the prerequisites...
  3. P

    Find Average Progress of Student Form exams

    Hello, I would highly appreciate for the solution for my following problem. I have class of 30 Students and I have taken total 6 exam through out the year. I have exam mark of the each student for each exam (Note : each exam has different Total Marks) I want to know whether all over...
  4. R

    Looking for a highschool student who loves math

    Hello! I am a Chinese highschool student. As you may know, some Chinese delve really deep into mathematics problem solving, and I am one of them. I want to share my research products with people that really LOVE math by recording youtube videos. However, I'm not fluent in English in fields like...
  5. M

    suggestions for how to get student unconfused

    I'm tutoring a calculus student, and he is struggling. I was wondering if other teachers here have ideas about how to clarify this. He gets confused about the relationship between a function and its derivative. Say the problem is $ f(x) = x^2 - x + 3 $. Find $ f'(x) $. Then find the...
  6. M

    Student's problem

    In a co education school, having 800 students, 470 are girls, a senior prefect is to be chosen. what is the probability that the senior prefect is a boy?
  7. M

    Two multiple choice questions - one burnt out student

    Hey guys, I've hit a hurdle while trying to figure out two practice questions and I was hoping for some help :( Question 1 I'm not really sure how to go about solving this, I know the answer is in the list and once I know the answer I will hopefully be able to figure out why...
  8. J

    Find the probability the student is late

    A student goes to school by bus, taxi or motorcycle. The probability that he travels by motorcycle is 0.44 and he is equally likely to take a bus or a taxi. The probability that he is late for school if he goes by bus, taxi or motorcycle is \frac{1}{5}, \frac{1}{6} or\frac{1}{10} respectively...
  9. N

    Hello all, UK student here

    Hello there, I'm from the midlands UK, and I'm studying A-level Math S ;) Apparently this is the equivalent to your AP qualification or higher diploma? I'm hoping you may be able to help me on my journey even if it's just to give me a different perspective on anything Math S related...
  10. K

    VaR for t student distribution

    How do you derive this formula (for the value at risk) VaR_{\alpha }=\mu +\sigma t_{t}^{-1}(\alpha ) when E(L)=\mu and var(L)=\frac{\upsilon \sigma ^{2}}{(\upsilon -2)}
  11. L

    Maths for mature student in early 30s

    My predicament is excelling later in life and getting a first class degree aged 22 (English based) and doing postgraduate work at Oxford and Cambridge in English based subjects, although I've moved across to criminology which has statistics. This is one reason for improving my maths, although I...
  12. Chikis

    How many student are offering at least one of Biology or Chemistry?

    Hello friends, I was tackling a word problem on venn diagrams, when I came across the question: How many students are offering at least one of Biology or Chemistry? Looking at the question above, I want to understand what the phrase student offering at least one of Biology or Chemistry means...
  13. R

    Hello, physics student here!

    Hi everyone, My name is Russell, and I'm a Physics/Computer Science/Math student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I love learning about this stuff, and play with problems in my free time constantly. Hope to be able to share some interesting ones with ya'll! Russ
  14. E

    Comparing Different Groups Of Student GPAs

    At work I have mean GPAs and I can calculate standared deviations of different groups of students. One problem I have is a small population size for some groups. Another problem is that the data cannot be normally distributed because the range is 0 to 4 and the mean is much closer to 4 than to...
  15. T

    How Can One Get the Interactive Student CD for the MYP 5 Plus Textbook?

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows how to get a hold of the Interactive Student CD for the MYP 5 Plus Textbook developed by Haese Mathematics. My teacher gave me a PDF file of the book for the summer to study off of to prepare for HL math, however, I really want to have the Interactive Student...
  16. W

    distance learning student

    Hi, I haven't really introduced myself yet. My name is William Labbett. I am studying with the Open University in Norwich UK. I'm exactly a third of the way through the degree. I used to spend all my time trying to write a computer game. I have many unfinished projects scattered about...
  17. J

    This is Jean.. first year college student..

    I am trying to study mathematics but I find not easy. I have just become a new member of this group. kind regards, Jean
  18. M

    New Student

    Hello, I would like to ask a question in general. How can I practice using LATEX commands within this site? I would like to use a practice whiteboard or something. Is this possible. I have a list of commands but I do not wish to make erroneous posts that make no sense on the forums...
  19. A

    prove : the student's answer is not correct

    m,n \in N ,and \,\, n\leq 100 a student counts : \dfrac {m}{n}=A.a_1a_2a_3--------a_k167a_{k+1}--- please prove : the student's answer is not correct , there must have an error in his calculation !
  20. Q

    What is the 't' in a student t distribution?

    Hi, I know all about normal distributions and binomial distributions, and now we're learning about student t distributions, but I don't understand what the 't' is in the distribution. in a normal distrubtion the x is the value that a random variable can take, and it is associated with a certain...