1. D

    Finding the frequencies with missing values.

    In short, the problem is as follows: We asked n=40 households about the sizes of their houses. All the answers are measured in m² and fall into 5 classes. From all the received data we know the mean is 95.625m² and the median is 85.385m² Question 1: Column (hi) represents the absolute...
  2. paulapanther

    Hi all, I have a very basic question :D

    Hi all, you are my biggest hope :D This is probably really dumb, but I have the following problem and my stats courses are just too long ago: I need to visualise the change of surface area of two bones (A and B) over time. So, for example, in one dinosaur, bone A is 300 cm² in surface area and...
  3. J

    Gradient and it's effect in math and statistics?

    I have a very basic understanding of what a gradient is, but what is it's effect in math and statistics? (I know this question is maybe to broad)
  4. A

    We analyzed statistics and found a mathematical phenomenon

    Hello, We analyzed statistics and found a mathematical phenomenon. If you are interested this is our video TPZSGqHpFpI
  5. M

    What is the probability that X, Y and Z take different values (X≠Y, Y ≠Z, Z ≠X)

    Independent random variables X, Y and Z take only integer values: X - from 1 to 15 with probability 1/15, Y - from 1 to 10 with probability 1/10, Z - from 1 to 8 with probability 1/8. What is the probability that X, Y and Z take different values (X≠Y, Y ≠Z, Z ≠X)? I have an idea of writing...
  6. I

    Simulating Birth-Death Processes at Small Populations

    In birth-death processes for populations, what are solutions for preventing the same individual from both giving birth and dying simultaneously (meaning the same time-step) in your model? I'll provide some context: Let's say the timestep is a year. You might say - A certain percentage of...
  7. E

    is it possible to determine the winning ratio using statistics?

    I began to get involved in gambling for a long time. Until this time, I played relying only on luck. But recently an interesting thought came to me. Is it possible with the help of mathematics and statistics to raise the number of victories? What do you think about that?
  8. A

    Asymptotic Normality proof

    I'd like some assistance on the proof of the following Lemma: If $X_n$ is $AN(\mu,\sigma_n^2)$, then also $X_n$ is $AN(\overline\mu,\overline\sigma_n^2)$ if and only if \frac{\overline\sigma_n}{\sigma_n}\rightarrow1, \frac{\overline\mu_n-\mu_n}{\sigma_n}\rightarrow0. The hint says to use...
  9. J

    Ap statistics questions

    Hello, I am an English student taking my first statistics course Gonna be posting here a lot, because math is not my strong suit!!! These are some very basic statistic questions that I am struggling to answer at the moment. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Question 1: Water quality...
  10. D

    Solution to the problems in Probability and Statistics

    Hi, Could you please help me with these problems?:unsure:
  11. L

    Confidence interval, parametric statistics

    I have no clue how to solve it. I can see that it must be rather simple, but I'm so new to stat that I don’t know where to start. If I understand correctly, I have to calculate the P(theta-1/2<theta<theta+1/2) and that should be 0.5, but if theta is on the real number line that probability is...
  12. G

    Question Statistics General

    What is the best way to begin self-studying Statistics ?
  13. M

    Can't figure this out

    Specifically need to know the answer for A.
  14. S

    Probability and statistics

    If 3 books are selected at random from a shelf containing 5 Novels, 3 Books of poems and a dictionary, what is the probability that a) dictionary is not selected b) 2 Novels and 1 Book of poems are selected I tried doing it, however I am unable to guess:confused: what will go in the...
  15. R

    Multiclass M/M/1 queue which can simultaneously have one customer per class

    Suppose there is a queue with exponential service time \frac{1}{\mu} which accepts customers from K classes with poisson distribution and rate \lambda_k but if a customer from any class arrives at the queue and there is already another customer from the same queue either waiting or receiving...
  16. N

    Statistics using Excel

    I have been working on a project and it's been several years since I've taken statistics and I've never really used excel for this sort of stuff so I am uncertain if my process is correct. I'm hoping someone will be able to provide some guidance. I am working on something with tornado data...
  17. S


    Hi guys! Thank God I found this website, because I have definitely been struggling. I've been working on this problem for days and I still can't find the answer :(. I tried making a contingency table but I can't seem to find any values for when the roommate forgets to mail the letter intersected...
  18. C

    statistics homework help please

    A television news story claimed that half of all U.S. adults have health issues. In a national poll about health issues (CDC Project), 12,638 U.S. adults were surveyed and it was found that 6413 of those surveyed had health issues. At a 5% level of significance, perform a hypothesis test to test...
  19. S

    Statistics Theorems

    Which is the statistics theorem that is the most important in statistics?
  20. I

    Statistics - Pearson correlation coefficient

    Hello :) Can you explain me please about the following explanation: Is there a connection between the number of employee subtractions and his motivation (I will attach a picture here)? x = the number of employee subtractions y = motivation About two left columns in the table -...