1. Chemist116

    Can the length of this triangle be solved using congruence?

    I found this riddle in my book. Supposedly it should be solved without requiring trig. The problem is as follows: A CTV broadcasting tower is resting atop a square flat base in the highest hill of Taipei. The tower is supported by five cables which are held tight to the ground by four...
  2. S

    How was the second step in this integral solved?

    $$(sF(s))' = \int_2^\infty x^{-s}dx= \frac{2^{1-s}}{s-1}, F(s)= \frac{\log(s-1)}{s}+ \frac{\int_2^s \frac{2^{1-u}-1}{u}du+ 2 F(2)}{s}$$ I'm confused by the second step. Anyone?
  3. Q

    I've got solved assignment, but don't understand something

    Assignment says: For which k is equation (k-2)x²+2(k-2)x+2=0 doesn't have real solutions? Solution: D<0 D=(2(k-2))²-4*2(k-2) =4(k²-4k+4)-8(k-2) =4k²-16k+16-8k+16 =4k²-24k+32<0 /:4 =k²-6k+8 k1,2= 6±√4 / 2 k1 = 4 and k2 = 2 and solution is that k∈[2,4) Now I don't...
  4. F

    Sine Rule: Can this be solved?

    Sorry for the bother... Yeah, it is an elliptical problem. I know I am missing data to complete the use of the Sine Rule to solve it, but I am just wondering if knowing that C+A is already a known value might help. Just I cannot see it. There are other ways to solve it, I know, but I wanted...
  5. R

    Mystery of prime numbers solved

    Proof of famous unsolved questions like Riemann Hypothesis, Goldbach's conjecture, twin prime conjecture, Polignac's conjecture, Brocard's problem, Oppermann conjecture and many more can be found in this book. Also in this book there is theory which can be treated as missing part of theory of...
  6. B

    problem to be solved

    anyone plz help me answer this... solve dx/dt=y+t and dy/dt=-2x+3y+1 using simultaneous L.D.E
  7. A

    Why is this not going viral? I Solved prime

    Like why is this not Going viral, this table never existed and is not to be confused with the Sieve of Eratosthenes....HERE I solved prime this is Not to be confused with the Sieve of Eratosthenes MANUALLY FACTOR ALL NUMBERS AND SPOT ALL PRIMES BETWEEN...
  8. S

    Did I solve correctly with Law of Sines & Cosines or is there a shortcut?

    I solved a Geometry problem asking to find the measure of one specific angle of a particular scalene non-right triangle. The problem provides two side lengths and one angle. Given: angle C=103 degrees side c (opposite from angle C) is not given. side a = 16 side b = 11, find the degree measure...
  9. A

    Solved Prime

    Please Teach this to ur student's!!!! MANUALLY FACTOR ALL NUMBERS AND SPOT ALL PRIMES BETWEEN using GRADE FOUR MATH This is Not to be confused with the Sieve of Eratosthenes here is the book 666 which needs a bit of editing...
  10. M

    Carmichael numbers solved by Chinese amateur

    Read here : Is this Chinese migrant worker a real life 'Good Will Hunting?' - I have always said here that amateurs can be more efficient than professional mathematicians because of their IMAGINATION. Do not have any contempt toward amateurs.
  11. P

    These are important integrals in optics but they are never solved

    I'm computing light waves in some optical structures. I've found the integrals that nobody has solved before. The solutions, if possible, are important because they can reduce the computational time by several days. If you are looking to work with something that contributes to optics. This is...
  12. R

    I solved Goldbach's conjecture

  13. A

    I Solved Prime

    Please forgive the Formatting....I will try and fix tomorrow, I am using a public computer.... Here is a Better Formatted rtf File....the Formatting on this page is IMPOSSIBLE to Line Up.... PRIME NUMBER FILTER -...
  14. I

    Can this integral be solved ?

    \int dx \cdot dx =?
  15. J

    [Not Solved] Universal solution for (Ax+B)*C^x=D

    Does anybody know if there exists a universal solution for this type of equation? :eek: Is there any known connection between the power function and Möbius transformation? :eek: Sorry for my English. (Ax+B)*C^x=D e.g. x*2^x=2, x=1
  16. M

    Can someone please explain this IVP is solved?

    dx/dt = -5x - y dy/dt = 4x - y I got x = ae^-3t + bte^-3t y = -2bte^-3t + 2ae^-3t + be^-3t a = 0, b = 0 The answer is x = e^(-3t+3) - te^(-3t+3) y = -e^(-3+t) + 2te^(-3t+3) I don't understand where the +3 comes from.
  17. B

    I think I've solved the Hodge conjecture, thoughts?

    - Victor/Blue15
  18. M

    Factorization solved for ever

    Hi everybody, I'm still ill I did not go nowhere but I finalized the factorization problem with new approach. You have to read all the thread to understand my algorithm. Between fevers and headhache I succeeded finally. Here you could read my big discovery : • View topic -...
  19. G

    Any ideas how this equation could be solved?!

    Hi all, The equation's----> x^(square root of x) = 2 I tried making y=sqr(x)--->y^2=x and then take log for both sides,but I didn't work! I've been trying for 2 hours but it seems unsolvable:(
  20. S

    Diophantine equation (solved)

    Solve 17x + 3y = 1 My solution: 17 = 5*3 + 2 3 = 1*2 + 1 2 = 2*1 + 0 gcd(17,3) = 1 1 = 3-2 = 3-(17-5*3) = 3-17 + 5*3 = 6*3-17 = 17*(-1) + 3*6 x = -1 y = 6 Solved. There used to be a question, but I solved it myself after I created this topic.