1. Chemist116

    Is there a way to simplify finding the minimum distance between two objects approach?

    The problem is as follows: Two buggies one orange and the other blue are passing through an intersection with constants speeds of $v_{orange}=6\,\frac{m}{s}$ and $v_{blue}=6\sqrt{3}\,\frac{m}{s}$ respectively. Find the minimum approach in meters between the orange and blue buggies. The...
  2. Chemist116

    How to simplify this expression involving a tangent of 70?

    My situation is as follows. Can the expression from below be simplified using precalculus and plain by hand calculation without requiring a calculator? $$B=\sqrt{3} \tan 70^{\circ}- 4 \sin 70^{\circ}+1$$ What I attempted to do was to split the functions in a sum of $30^{\circ}+40^{\circ}$...
  3. Chemist116

    How to simplify a sum of multiples of secants?

    I've got tangled into this problem, so I hope somebody could help me. The problem is as follows: Find the value of $\textrm{H}$ which belongs to a certain vibration coming from a magnet. $$H=\sec \frac{2\pi}{7}+\sec \frac{4\pi}{7}+\sec \frac{6\pi}{7}$$ It was easy to spot that each term was...
  4. M

    Simplify Surds

    Hi I have to simplify this square root fraction: 10/√5 + √20 The answer is 4√5, but I do not get to that answer. Please help.
  5. V

    Simplify modulus expression

    Can someone tell me how to simplify this expression with modulus: (A/100) mod 10 + (A/10) mod 10 + A mod 10 where A is an integer, but it can also be not divisible by 100. I tried doing this, but it doesn't work... (A/100+A/10+A)mod 10 Thanks
  6. C

    Leave in the form x^p - x^q

    Please Help, Been at this for hours: Leave in the form x^p - x^q: 1-x^2/∜x^3 Thanks.
  7. T

    what is: sin(a+b)/sin(a-b)

    is there any simpler way to write this, I already looked at all the trigonometric identities, I couldn't find anything about fractions of sums. I also try to find: cos(a-b)+cos(a+b) how do I do this, is there anything I'm missing?
  8. C

    how to simplify this equation?

    A problem has been haunting me for a day and half. Can somebody help me please?:o How to simplify the equation to i=ax+by? Thanks
  9. B

    Simplify expression

    I'm supposed to simplify the expression below. I've been at it for two hours and got nowhere significant, even with the provided steps in the solution :p With a>0 Solution is: or Thank you for your help. Cheers! By the way, how do we use LaTeX here?
  10. F

    Simplify Trigonometric Quotient

    I have a hard time simplifying a math problem. (cosx+cos2x+cos3x) / (sinx+sin2x+sin3x) (and xeR) Can somebody help me out with this? :unsure: Thanks!!
  11. S


    Hello, I can’t simplify this equation. I already tried to solve it. cos x - sin x - cos3x + sin3x/sin2x + cos2x
  12. M

    Simplify simple expressions

    Hi there, Can someone please take a look at the attachment i.e. question 3. I'm going through simplification processes and I understand the two principles to be: 1. Combine like terms 2. Factorize similar terms I've applied this principle exercise 1 and 2 in the attachment but at...
  13. Help123

    simplify the expression

  14. Help123

    simplify the expression

  15. T

    Need help to simplify

    Simplify: <img src="" alt="Photo_Dec_05_1_26_51_PM" border="0">
  16. B

    Can you simplify this equation?

    L/((1-1/((1+r)^a))*(1-1/((1+r)^b))) or L ________________________________ (1 - 1/((1+r)^a)) * (1 - 1/((1+r)^b)) or is this as simple as it gets :)
  17. T

    Trigonometrical Equation, don't know how to simplify it

    Hi everyone. I have an expression -cos(f)*(sin(g)*cos(m)*cos(l) + sin(g)*sin(m)*sin(l)) + cos(g)*sin(f) which is equal to cos(g)*sin(f) - cos(f)*sin(g)*cos(l - m) according to Wolfram Alpha's CAS. I have no clue how to get there. :eek: Thanks in advance, Peter
  18. B

    Please simplify this

    Hello This question is from Engineering Mathematics 5th Ed, Further Problems F.2 Question 2 (x^2-1)^2*(x+1)^{1/2}/(x-1)^{3/2} the answer at the back of the book is given as (x+1)^2(x^2-1)^{1/2} I would like to see the working Many thanks
  19. akansel

    Multivariable (maybe) Calculus Help

    Hi all - I'm looking for help on how to write an equation. My somewhat blurry memory of high school and college math tells me that this is a calculus problem, but I'm not certain. In (hopefully) simple english, I'm solving for a value equal to the sum of four functions where the variable is a...
  20. J

    Simplify the sum

    How would you simplify the following sum? The parentheses refer to combinations (n choose r). The outcome should be a function of y. However, I cannot figure out how to simplify this. Any recommendations?