1. A

    Show M not diagonalizable

    Help needed for the attached. Thanks
  2. B

    I can't show why x->0 of sin(x)/x is 1!!!

    I started using -|x| \leq \sin x \leq |x| then -\frac{|x|}{x} \leq \frac{\sin x}{x} \leq \frac{|x|}{x} But there is not a single value L for \lim_{x \to 0} \frac{|x|}{x}=L . Well I have a theory but I'm not sure if it stands. -\lim_{x \to 0^-}\frac{|x|}{x} = -(-1) = 1 \lim_{x \to...
  3. H

    Show these point form a square

    Show ACDE is a square C=10,2 A=4,2 E=8,-8 D=14,-4
  4. N

    Show that a triangle is right angled

    In △ABC (not isosceles) CH, CL and CM are respectively height, bisector and median. Show that ∠ACB=90 degrees if and only if ∠HCL=∠MCL. I think that I have to show that △MCB (or △ACM) is isosceles, but I can't figure it out. I will be very grateful if you help me.
  5. M

    Can some one show me how to do this problem

    How many sheets of 3/4" X 4' X 8' ply Wood are required to cover a 24' X 32' floor?
  6. H

    Show me the way

    Please can anyone recommend a pdf file that could help me on various topics of 1.Statics 2.Dynamics 3.Optics 4.Electricity 5.Electromagnetism Most especially the calculation aspect,i'm very weak,help me?
  7. S

    Show that A and B are constant

    Any help with that if you have some free time ? Show that A and B are constant A = sin6(x) + cos6(x) + 3sin2(x).cos2(x) B= 2sin4(x) - cos4(x) - 2sin2(x)
  8. J

    Show this example is an inner product

    \[B(x,y)=2\left( \sum_{i=1}^{n}x_{i}y_{i}\right)-\sum_{i=1}^{n-1}(x_{i}y_{i+1}+x_{i+1}y_{i})\] I need help showing that this is positive definite as i think I have already shown it is symmetric and linear in the first variable. Thanks guys!
  9. A

    how to show that 2n + 1 = x ^ 2 ?

    how to show that 2n + 1 = x ^ 2 ? the solution is: n = 2 * (m ^ 2 - m) x = 1 - 2 * m and 1 + 3b + 3b ^ 2 = x ^ 3 the solution is: b = -1, x = 1 step by step I calculated that with a software it gives only the solution. Thank you.
  10. E

    Why petrol show colors in water

    Hello Why does Petrol show color on ground while mixing with ground water and some sunlight on it, showing a beautiful rainbow? Why does this happen?
  11. G

    Can someone show me diagram of this sentence 3

    A common tangent that cuts the line joining the centers in between the two circles is called transverse common tangent. In general, for non-intersecting and non enclosed circles, two direct and two transverse common tangents can be drawn. Can anyone show me this above sentence in diagram. If...
  12. G

    Can someone show me diagram of this sentence 2

    Sentence: A tangent drawn common to two circles is called a direct tangent. If the tangent cuts the line joining the center not between the two circles but on one side of the circles. Can anyone show me this above sentence in diagram. If possible post equation also.
  13. G

    Can someone show me diagram of this sentence.

    Sentence: one and only one circle passes through any three given non collinear points Can anyone show me the above sentence in the diagram with some equation?
  14. D

    How can I show that f(a) = f(b)?

    Show that if f(x) is increasing and concave up on [a,b], then f((a+b)/2) < (f(a) + f(a))/2. My attempt: I would use the Mean Value Theorem. Since the function is increasing and concave up on the given interval, f((a+b)/2) < f(b). By the Mean Value Theorm, there exists a value c...
  15. idontknow

    Show inequality true

    Show that (1+ \frac{1}{n} )^n < (1+ \frac{1}{n+1})^{n+1} \; for n natural
  16. H

    Complex Analysis - Show F(z) is not continuous

    I need help with the attached question.
  17. J

    Show the Annulus is polygonally path connected.

    Hello, I am asked to show that the annulus A(0,r,R) is polygonally path connected. For this question could i just give one specific example where i find points $w,z$in$U$ there are points $z=z_{0},z_{1},...z_{n}$=w where these points are contained inside the annulus? For example i could give a...
  18. I

    how to show image in c++

    hi i am using code block c++ cant display image please help with code #include<graphics.h> #include<conio.h> int main() { initwindow(688,388,"insert imagte"); readimagefile("a.jpg",0,0,688,388); getche(); }
  19. J

    Show that...

    \[\sqrt{x^{2}+a^{2}}-x\] approaches 0 as x approaches infinity
  20. M

    How to show the following limit is 0?

    I have the series 1/(n*(-1)^n). I believe the limit is 0, but I'm not sure how to show that. Thanks!