1. J

    Help with High School Maths hard question

    Please help!
  2. D

    Need help with a maths project!

    I have a maths project in my school, where I have to come up with a topic and a problem and investigate it using maths. The level of maths that this project should be at is high school and pre-college. I was thinking of formulating some mathematical model on an aspect of real life, but I'm not...
  3. F

    Simplify Trigonometric Quotient

    I have a hard time simplifying a math problem. (cosx+cos2x+cos3x) / (sinx+sin2x+sin3x) (and xeR) Can somebody help me out with this? :unsure: Thanks!!
  4. M

    High School Probability Question

    Here's the question: I am going to babysit my nephew for five days. Each day, I will take him to get a kid's meal at a restaurant. The kid's meal comes packed randomly with 1 of 3 possible toys. I would like to know the probability that my nephew gets all 3 toys in 5 trips. How do you...
  5. M

    grade school common core - how do I come up to speed?

    I've tutored high school kids in traditional math classes such as algebra, precalculus, etc. I just was asked to interview for a long-term job tutoring a 7th grader in common core math. So before I go for the interview I want to get an idea what I'm dealing with, in particular any "strange...
  6. A

    Curious about high school factoring

    When we have a quadratic polynomial of the form: ax^2 + bx + c WHY is it factored in such a way that the newly split b term MUST MULTIPLY to make ax^2*c? For example, if we have 4x^2+4x+1 , 4x^2 +2x+2x+1 =2x(2x+1)+ 1(2x+1) =(2x+1)^2
  7. S

    College math courses to teach high school AP CALCULUS well?

    A very small private high school offers one period of AP Calculus and a handful of students enroll each year. The position pays around minimum wage, and so the private high school does not require a 4-year bachelor's math degree, teaching license, or even classroom teaching experience. In the...
  8. S

    Simple middle school Parallelogram problem

    In the bottom Parallelogram it is given that AD=20 and that the perimeter is 140. (Ok so therefore AB=DC=50). It is also given that AS=AM+18. We need to find AM, therefore AS and then to calculate the area of the Parallelogram which derives from finding AM. Now, I managed to find the right...
  9. R

    Returning to school: Best approach?

    In preparation to return to school to pursue a B.S. in Mathematics, I was planning to purchase the texts of some prerequisite courses and work through them (namely Pre-Calculus and Calculus 1 & 2). Are there any better approaches that anyone could recommend? Or anything to supplement this...
  10. R

    Introducing Vector Method that can solve almost all high school geometry questions

    [Youtube Video] I don't want to add anything else :P
  11. L

    Best way to learn beyond Calculus in High School?

    I'm going into my Senior year of high school, and I have already taken the highest math class my school offers (AP Calculus BC). I thought I would be ok with this, but at the last minute my schedule changed so I can't take a math-based science class, either. I really love math, and it makes me...
  12. M

    list all physics school practical

    Hello, I have forgot the practical are done in school physics and mathematics? Please tell all.
  13. M

    School chemistry practical

    What are the school practical we usually do in the lab?
  14. S

    Fun Math Practice For Elementary School Kids: Zeus vs Monsters - Math Game for Window

    Hi all, Zeus vs Monsters – Math Game for Kids is a new educational game for children on Windows Phone Store. Why am I posting it here? Learning through fun is a teaching method applied widely nowadays. It is hard sometimes, especially for math teachers, to come up with ideas to make math...
  15. shunya

    School spirit

    In an effort to promote school spirit, Georgetown High School created ID numbers with just the letters G, H and S. If each letter is used exactly three times, a) How many nine-letter ID numbers can be generated? b) What is the probability that a random ID number starts with GHS? My...
  16. W

    Praxis 2 high school math calculator

    I am preparing to take the praxis 5161 exam and I am allowed to take a graphing calculator. I want to take my TI Nspire CX CAS but I am not sure if I can use it. Based on what the praxis website says for calculator use, I can use it but I am not 100% sure. Has anyone else used this calculator...
  17. shunya

    Where to build the school?

    Two towns A and B are 3 miles apart. It is proposedto build a new school to serve 200 students in town A and 100 students in town B. How far from A should the school be built if the total dustance traveled by all 300 students is to be as small as possible? My attempt: Let the distance from...
  18. Y

    A school question in vectors with a pyramid

    Hi, I need help with the following problem: In the attached image, ABCDS is a pyramid whose base is a parallelogram. O is the intersection of the parallelogram diagonals. The following holds: SF = k*SD SE = t*SO Where k and t are real numbers and SF, SD, SE and SO are vectors in...
  19. K

    Academic Guidance Studying Math at University: How to catch up the high school basics?

    Hello everyone, I take like my 9000th approach to get into "scientific" math. After I found myself pretty succesful in lectures on logics and such, I still struggle with "true" mathematics at university level. I am not sure, whether I get the more complicated concepts the lectures are about...
  20. R

    Just a little curious and need help with my school probabilities

    I have a few statistics about the results of my high school which are: - 61% 5A*-C - 50% 5A*-C (including English and maths) - 10% of all grades being an A or an A* - 21% achieved 10 or more GCSE's A*-C. Not all this information may be useful. Make any assumptions where necessary...