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    Rearranging formula.

    Hi All, Forgot some basic principles, can someone help rearrange to make Small V the subject - small V / Small ref = large V / large ref. Thanks.
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    Which one of the following products cannot be rearranged to give a correct product? 26x3=78 16x3=48
  3. Z

    Rearranging Langmuir equation

    Hi all, I am tearing my hair out trying to complete this rearrangement: Starting from the Langmuir equation given as (1) θ = KP / 1 + KP (1) where K = the equilibrium constant for the surface reaction = the ratio of rate constants = ka / kd P = pressure of the adsorbate gas...
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    Rearranging Equation Where Unknown Appears Twice

    Hello, I'm struggling to rearrange an equation where I have an unknown appear twice. The example says: \sin \left ( \phi _m \right )=\frac{\alpha-1}{\alpha+1} \therefore \alpha =\frac{1+\sin \left ( \phi_m \right )}{1-\sin \left ( \phi_m \right )} When I rearrange I get: \sin...
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    Rearranging this equation to make B the subject

    Hi guys, Struggling with what probably should be a simple problem. I'm trying to rearrange the following to make B the subject: H=\alpha\frac{P}{(d^3(1-B{\cdot}7.5n))^{2/3}} I'm not sure where to begin. Do I multiple both sides by everything in the denominator or do I deal with the indices...
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    Rearranging ODE's like algebra - please check my understanding

    Hello all, I am trying to understand why we can "separate the variables and derivative parts" in ODEs. I have attached a picture of my working out, and on the page I have added numbers at the side, which I will reference now in the typed text to assist what I have done: 1. dy/dx is just the...
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    rearranging an equation

    Hello, I have a question that I'm having trouble with. It's for my adult education course and there's no teacher, so I have to research everything online. Well, I'm ok at rearranging equations, but I couldn't find this particular one online or an example of it. Maybe some tips or pointers would...
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    Rearranging for B

    Hey guys, just having a quick issue with rearranging the sum in the attachment. I am trying to determine B but don't know how to rearrange for it.
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    Rearranging formulae to make x the subject

    Can someone help me with this: make\ x\ the\ subject\ of\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ w=\frac{4-3x}{y-x} Thanks
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    Rearranging formulae to make x the subject

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    How would I rearrange this formula to make a the subject? b=(7a+8)/(4-5a)
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    Rearranging a quadratic

    I'm trying to rearrange the following equations in terms of B: A=(-4B^2)+7B-4 A=(-4B^2)+9B-6 A=(-4B^2)+5B-1 A=(-4B^2)+11B-7 A=(-4B^2)+11B-8 A=(-4B^2)+5B-2 A=(-4B^2)+9B-5 A=(-4B^2)+7B-3 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Trev
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    Re-arranging formula's

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but my Girlfriend is having a troublesome time with one of her assignments for Uni. The formula is Pe = pi^2 × E × I / L^2 She needs to work out what "I" is in the above equation, but both of us have had a go :unsure: Cheers in advance.
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    Rearranging a formula to make subject - Can someone check my working?

    Hey guys, I have made an attempt at rearranging the formula below and I am looking for someone to just have a look over it and see if I got it right? :D Really appreciate any pointers or tips :cool: Thank you!
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    Rearranging formula

    Hi there, hope someone can help me. How would you rearrange this formula to solve for X? It would be great if you could show step by step solutions. Y = X + (X - Z) (1-T) (D/E) Thank you in advance.
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    help with rearranging formulas

    Very simple issue but it's been nearly 20 years since I did transposition(or any serious maths at all! :( ) and I'm seriously struggling to get my head back around it. Just trying to understand how he has got to the answer in this example. x= accuracy = ±0.01 L = length of x axis within...
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    Rearranging Formula

    As part of the Sine Rule for a question on statics 150/Sin(177) = 100/Sin(a) I want to make Sin(a) the subject so I can work the bloody angle out!! Can some please explain how I do this.... Of all the math I do, I find rearranging formula difficult and have never been taught correctly. I...
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    Re-arranging formula steps please

    I have a Laplace formula of hs=Q/A My tutor rearranged it to get h/Q = 1/As Can someone please show me the steps because I'm going out of my mind :( and i should know this by now
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    Rearranging formulae

    how would you rearrange this to get x on its own y=5x-9 i think you have to divide x and then - y but im not sure
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    Hi i have rearranged an equation and have used values for each variable and it seems i have got it wrong. Can someone help me where i went wrong? The first line is the original equation and i need to rearrange for t Thanks