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    Pure strategy in Game Theory

    Hello. One of the very basic questions I have in Game Theory is about Pure strategy. Based on the reading as I understand it, "Pure Strategy is the only strategy for the player which is also the winning strategy." Am I correct about this understanding? On the other hand, Mixed strategy...
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    Primary groups and pure subgroups.

    Hi: Let G be a p-primary group that is not divisible. Assume there is $x \in G[p]$ that is divisible by $p^k$ but not by $p^{k+1}$ and let $x= p^k y$. I must prove that $<y> \cap nG \subset n<y>$. $p^{k+1}y= px= 0$. In case $(n,p)=1$, there is $b \in <y>$ such that $y=nb$ and then $sy= snb=...
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    Career Guidance Preparing for belated career in pure mathematics

    Hi, I wanted to know if anyone could afford me some tips on how to go back to mathematics after a long time and pursue it as a career. I'm 27 and I have a bachelor's degree in psychology. Considering my background is not on a related field, what would be the procedure to get accepted into the...
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    Blog about Pure Logic

    Hi, I have written a fun blog. DeepTurtle's Blog It shows how principles in Maths and other sciences can be derived out of logic. Also some meaningful insights. Please do have a look. Constructive criticism is quite welcome. There are some terms which I have used out of dictionary , but do...
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    What good is a (pure) mathematician?

    I don't mean this question to offend, but it seems like the right wording to me. I am wondering: if one studies math and becomes a mathematician, and tries to solve the equations unsolved for mankind or tries to develop new systems or new questions, what in truth has he done? I suppose we...
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    Are you skeptical of pure math?

    I'm a logician not a mathematician but I want to eventually work on logicism. That is where you try to show that math is a subset of logic. Essentially what you would do is show that all the math symbols can be expressed in the standard logical symbols: v & = -> ~ and a few other symbols. I've...
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    Brainstorming - Help design a pure math op sys at bit level?

    The plan is an absolutely minimalist math software defined at the bit level, statistically converging toward its defined behaviors but always with an exponentially small chance it will do something else. It will be offered to everyone and capable of becoming the foundation of a complete global...
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    Academic Guidance the road to pure mathematics

    In another post I talked about my recent interest in pure mathematics and how it developed. I'm actually studying college algebra by myself, with a textbook I found in a public library, and using Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang. My question is how should I continue my studies? Do I continue...
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    Pure mathematician proves Pythagorean Theorem Wrong

    Apparently he said that it's not really accurate if you want to be picky and the actual formula is c^2 = a^2 + b^2 - 0.000001e, where e is Euler's Number. So yes, there is a bit of inaccuracy here. It was proven using advanced calculus and so it looks like Pythagorean was a bit wrong all...
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    Career Guidance Career in Pure Mathematics

    Hello everyone, I have some questions about a career in pure Mathematics as a researcher and professor at a university. What does it take to become a good mathematician researcher and professor? I am just in 10th grade and have just started about a week ago to love mathematics, the thing is I...
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    pure mathematician

    Hi everybody ............. I am new to this forum. I love mathematics at its pure level. I am crazy about mathematics. Here's something I want to ask: Is there anyone who is a pure mathematician? I mean by bsc, msc or phd OR by just as a person deeply interested in pure mathematics.
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    Academic Guidance Learning Pure math as a doctor

    I am pursuing a medical career -neurologist However, do you think it is possible for me to self-learn pure-mathematics, and make significant contributions and publications, even without bieng a full time mathematician.
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    Practice pure maths

    Hi, my name is daniel and I've just joined this group hoping to get some tips for getting into maths. I was never good at math, scored average in high school... Now I've developed a passion for it but don't know where to start. I'm a computer science student and my further aim to route towards...
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    An Introduction to Pure Mathematics

    Yeah, I was a graduate student and was totally clueless. Then I got introduce to this book Mathematical Quantization, by Nik Weaver. It is a truely a honest, to the point book. I would like to write what I understand from my perspective, starting from the back: "Detailed here for the first...
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    Dear, I need the book about GCE O LEVEL PURE MATHEMATICS (7362).Please guide me to get this book. Thanks a lot for your help.
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    Masters in Pure Mathematics?

    I'm very interested in a Masters in Mathematics, but I really want it in Pure Math. I would be much more interested in the study of pure math than say, any applied maths. Anyone know of any schools that offer this type of degree? I would love to take courses in Graduate Modern Algebra, graph...