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    Reverse Arithmetic progression series computer program.

    Reference : Can we write a computer program which will print the Reverse Arithmetic progression number...
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    Geometric progression problem

    x(0)=1 x(n+1)=2x(n)+1 S=x(0)+x(1)+...+x(n) S(2018)=? I know that the sequence from x(n+1) is 1,3,7,15,31. Now what do I do? How do I find x(n)?
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    Arithmetic Progression exercise

    Hi guys, I have a very important exam very soon and this is one of the examples. No idea how to do this one, can you help me? Assume that a, b and c are consecutive terms of an arithmetic progression (a<b<c). If a+b+c=24 and abc=440 then a(?), b(?) and c(?) Thanks :D
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    Arithmetic and Geometric progression

    An arithmetic series has first term -4 and common diffrence of 1.A geometric series has a first term of 8 and a common ratio of 0.5.After how many terms does the sum of the arithmetic series exceed the sum of the geometric series?
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    need help with progression

    Looking at the following progression which is dividing the first number (100) into two parts 100(.7) and 100(.3)(.9) Then each number is also divided the same way (e.g. - 70(.7) and 70(.3)(.9) I am then looking for a way to sum all of the numbers...
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    Arithmetic Progression (AP)

    Given that the 8th term of an AP is 5 times the 3rd term and the 7th term is 9 greater than the 4th term, find the first five terms.
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    Geometric Progression

    In a geometric progression , (an)n>=1 , we know Sn=5^n*4 . Find b8 . I know the Sn formula but I don't know how to relate to it . Thank you ! :o
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    Arithmetic Progression

    Hey , guys ! Can you help me solve this problem ? Find x∈R , if x²-5x+6 ; -x²-3x+3 ; 2x²-4x+9 and x²+8x-5 are in an arithmetic progression . Thank you very much . :o
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    Arithmetic progression

    A finite arithmetic progression is given such that S_n>0 and d>0. If the first member of the progression remains the same but d increases 2 times, then S_n increases 3 times. If the first member of the progression remains the same but d increases 4 times, then S_n increases 5 times. Find d...
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    Geometric progression

    Hello, I need Geometric progression formula for this (attached) Thanks
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    How to EXPLAIN? Arithmetic Progression unique digit value

    Given the formula y(y+1) for all positive integer including 0 , why the digit value will never end up in 4 or 8? i tried brute force and notice that 0x1=0-------------+0 1x2=2-------------+2 2x3=6-------------+4 3x4=12------------+6 4x5=20------------+8 5x6=30------------+10...
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    Times 2 infinite progression of size

    Shown is a times 2 or one half infinite progression of size, or area. This when using triarcs. Please note that the biarcs in each circle containing the triarc, have or are biangular biarcs. This shows one arc of the biarc as 120 degrees, and the other arc is 60 degrees. Or a exact times 2...
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    Semiperfect numbers with divisors in arithmetic progression

    I have been tasked with finding all semiperfect numbers with divisors in arithmetic progression. I think all numbers are in form 6n, but I have no proof. Help? Thank you.
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    Help with arithmetic progression question?

    Hi, Here's the question: The 4th 5th and 6th terms of an arithmetic series are 2x+1, 3x and x+20. Calculate the sum of the first 10 terms of this series. Here's a picture of my workings: My final answer for Sn for the first 10 terms was 240. Please tell me I'm right, if not...
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    Arithmetical and Geometrical Progression

    The 2nd, 5th and 14th term in an arithmetical progression form the 1st three terms in a Geometrical Progression. The 10th term in the Arithmetical progression is 57. Find the : a) 1st term and common difference in the AP b) common ratio in the GP HELP PLEASE:eek:
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    Geometric progression

    Hello I've got a problem with solving this geometric progression example: -2 +8 -32+ ..... +x =26214 <----- We are looking for value of x I'm writing a math essay on Monday and I need to learn this example. So, I'd like to ask for some help. Thanks in advance.
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    addition of geometric progression

    how the addition of geometric series gives 2 and product gives 40
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    Arithmetic progression.

    Two factories P and Q start to produce watches at the same time. a) Factory P produce x watches in the first month and increase constantly by y watches every subsequent month. It produces 155 watches in the 5th month and a total 910 watches in the first 7 months. Find the value of x and y. My...
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    Arithmetic Progression

    hi guys really need help with this question. Given that T(7)=23, T(n)=43 and T(2n)=91 for an A.P., find a, d and n. thanks good luck. Ray
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    Geometric progression

    How the dart board forms geometric progression?