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    Progress on Navier-Stokes

    Just the other day I read an outline of the millennium problems, in particular I noticed Navier-Stokes. Now progress is made: A really good article, if a mite simplistic.
  2. P

    Find Average Progress of Student Form exams

    Hello, I would highly appreciate for the solution for my following problem. I have class of 30 Students and I have taken total 6 exam through out the year. I have exam mark of the each student for each exam (Note : each exam has different Total Marks) I want to know whether all over...
  3. B

    Twin Prime progress

    For any who missed it, I hear tremendous progress on shrinking the gap.
  4. M

    Am I making Progress ?

    y = f(x) = x^2 f(x+change in x) - f(x) / (change in x) I am still dealing with quite the language barrier. Am I off here? ... square the whole thing and get (x^2 + change in x^2 - x^2)/ change in x^2 everything cancels to leave 1/1 = 1 am I trippin' ? :roll:
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    Correlation, set progress MIN and MAX

    Hello all :-) Perhaps is this in good thread :-) If have two signals s1 and s2, which did not harmonic, but they have highly correlated with signal s3, then i must somehow predict progress third signal s3. For intervals in range (1200-300) minutes to present was defined incrementally...