1. J

    Help with Cooper and Herskovits (1992) Bayesian Score Metric

    I'm studying the Chickering (1996) "Learning Bayesian Networks is NP-Complete", available in this link: And I have some questions about the following score method: I'm new on Bayesian Networks, and I need to understand N'ijk and N'ij...
  2. P

    yahtzee probability

    I've heard that the probability of rolling yahtzee is 1/6^4, but this doesn't seem right to me, primarily because the order of the dice doesn't matter. For example, to roll a straight from 1 to 5, whether I get 1,2,3,4,5 or 1,3,5,4,2 or 5,2,3,1,4 all counts the same.
  3. I


    I'm having trouble with a question, and need some help: A race track betting board has the following odds against: Horse A 9:2 B 6:1 C 11:3 D 19:2 E 10:1 F 13:2 A bet called a "triactor" is when you name the exact order of the first 3 horses in the race. What is the probability of...
  4. idontknow

    Probability with 3-variables

    If 0\leq x,y,z \leq 1 \; , x,y,z \in \mathbb{R}. Find the probability such that x+y+z \geq 1 . P(x+y+z\geq 1)=?
  5. idontknow

    Probability involving even numbers

    If 1\leq p \leq n \; ; n\in \mathbb{N} . find the probability such that p is even number. My approach : P(p-even)=n^{-1}\lfloor \frac{n}{2} \rfloor .
  6. L

    probability of exactly one item

    A jar holds 21 cookies, 13 are chocolate-chip cookies, and 8 are brussel-spout-with-turnip-chips cookies. You pick 3 cookies at random. What is the probability that you get exactly 1 of the brussel-spout-with-turnip-chips cookies? How can I solve this? \thanks
  7. C

    Probability of correct answers with multiple choices

    Hello; This is probably an elementary question for most people, but I have a question. Let's say that there is a 100 question test with each question having two possible choices. With an ideal random number generator the probability getting the correct answer approaches 50% as the number of...
  8. idontknow

    Probability with sequence

    Given sequence s:\{ n, 1+n, 2+n, 3+n, ...., 2n \} , find probability such that when we choose n random elements from the sequence , their product is minimal.
  9. S

    Problem with arguing about probability mass of general random variable

    (I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum, but I didn't see a better fit.) I have a problem with an exercise in a machine learning text-book. Solving it doesn't require any knowledge of machine learning, though, just of advanced probability theory. It's a very simple exercise in principle...
  10. idontknow

    Probability involving square numbers

    Let n\leq 111 \: , n\in \mathbb{N} . Find the probability such that n is a square-number and odd . P(n=N^{2} )=?
  11. R


    Find probability of choosing 2 black balls from 4 identical black balls and 7 identical red balls.
  12. E

    Probability of success

    Here is the problem I have: I can participate in an event a maximum of 4 times. Each event has 4 possible outcomes for earning dollars: 3% chance of earning 3 dollars 3% chance of earning 2 dollars 4% chance of earning 1 dollar 90% chance of earning 0 dollars. If I participate in...
  13. E

    Probability When Four People Flip Coins

    One at a time, four people flip coins. Each person flips until they get one wrong, and their score is how many they get correct. What is the probability that the four people combine to score at least 5? When the game is done, everybody will have been wrong once for a total of being wrong four...
  14. B

    Probability inequality problem

    Suppose A and B are independent and identically distributed. For the purposes of this problem, x and y are not capped at 1, but are definitely at least 0. Pr(A)<x Pr(B)<y Pr(AUB)<? I know Pr(AUB)<x+y, but is it possible to make the right side any lower? What is the lowest it can be given the...
  15. E

    How can probability theory solve the most complicated problems of five unknowns?

    Greetings to All! How to solve such a difficult task? Perhaps there are complex theorems that only enlightened minds can understand? Value: q; w; u; h; m; Is known Value: A; B; C; D; E; Unknown Value: X; The same q = X * A w = X * B u = X * C h = X * D m = X * E Need to...
  16. H

    Family birthday probability

    What are the chances that a family of four all have their birthdays land on the same day of the week every year? Just curious if it's as odd as it seems.
  17. A

    mathematical phenomenon in Probability

    Hello, 2 years artificial intelligence researched the results of the popular US and European lotteries. The first sensational results were obtained TPZSGqHpFpI
  18. B

    a markov probability question

    Three friends are playing paintball. Maria is a good shot, hitting her target half of the time; Fan isn’t bad, hitting her target one third of the time; Peter is new to the game, and only hits his target one sixth of the time. Each round, all three players take a single shot at the same time...
  19. S

    Tricky Conditional Probability Question

    Hi, Having trouble with the following conditional probability question, please see the attachment below titled Capture1. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. C

    Probability of multiple rare events happening on the same day

    I seek a statistics guru to help me with a complex probability problem that is part of my current book project. To the outstanding responder(s), I will generously sing your praises and reference your name in my book if the response is robust and the methodology clearly articulated. Problem...