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    Financial Derivative Pricing

    Please could someone help me with this question, I’d be very grateful :- Suppose that f is a solution of the above Black-Scholes PDE and that f (s,t) = g(s), i.e., Suppose that f may be written as a function of S only. Deduce the general form of f
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    Hi and help! - Relative Pricing

    Hi there, Got a question on price indexes. My boss wants me to do a price survey of beer within my market. He wants prices of mainstream beer to expensive beer but I'm a little lost on the example he gave me....can someone explain? Mainstream beer: 1.00 Heineken : 1.17 Craft Beer ...
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    Bond Pricing using Cox Ingersoll Ross

    Hello, I'm writing my bachelor thesis and need your help regarding bond pricing via CIR. I uploaded an excel spreadsheet here: http// I calculated the term structure and the discount rates. Now I have to price a coupon bond, traded...
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    Double Discounting Prices Formula

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, so I'm hoping some kind people can help me out here. Scenario:- I have a set of customers who are set up to have 20% discount on all products in our store. As a special offer, we would like to offer these customers 25% discount within a date range. I...
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    Optimization problem. Asset pricing.

    Hi! Ive almost spent 10 hours trying to figure out this problem but I'm stuck. Anyone got any hints or tips? Task attached. Thanks in advance!
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    Asymptotic Retail Pricing Based on Cost

    I need to find a formula that will allow me to calculate the retail price of an item, based on its cost, with the % markup inversely proportional to the cost. In the past we have used a straight-line method of calculation where we would add a fixed % of the cost to derive the retail price. So...
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    FRA & FX pricing and valuation

    I have been trying to figure out this problem for the past 2 days but I am having trouble understanding which dates/rates to use and which formula to use for an foreign exchange FRA. as well as if and how you incorporate the fx rates in table one. I have seen FRA problems and currency forward...
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    Binomial Option pricing

    Someone help please. New to option pricing, and stuck with the following question - Consider a stock price that follows a binomial process. The current stock price is 100. It goes up by 10% or down by 30% each month. The monthly interest rate is 5% for both months. An American put option has...