1. Chikis

    Calculate the amount of tax he will pay.

    A man's income is N 180 000 per anum. He is allowed a tax-free income in the following: personal allowance N 72 000, child allowance N 4 500 for each child under 18 years for a maximum of 4 children, dependent relatives allowance to a maximum of N 18 000. Calculate the amount of tax the man will...
  2. I

    Math task for which they pay Big Money

    Hello ! Can anyone solve such a difficult math task? Cash reward $ 5,000,000 I think this problem can be solved by knowing the secrets of the protocol Diffie - Hellman. Who has any ideas?
  3. E

    What is 6 pay commission ?

    hello What is 6 pay commission in train railways
  4. G

    Find net pay

    Sue Tomlin is paid a salary of ​\$440 per week plus 7​% of all sales over​ \$5000. She is single and claims two withholding allowances each one at 70.19 . Her deductions include​ FICA, Medicare, federal​ withholding, state disability​ insurance, state​ withholding, credit union...
  5. Z

    Would like to pay $10 for 2 calculus questions

    need help on 2 calculus questions Please see attached, example a and c, please post the answer here or to, thanks!
  6. G

    where does the new pay info come from?

    not sure where the new pay comes from? I have both tried to add the other pay to the other and divide (wrong.) I have tried to subtract it and then divide (wrong) I subtract the 2 different pays from each other and then divide (wrong)
  7. G

    The pay for a government major graduating from college

    The pay for a mathematics major graduating from college is given by the formula P=48,700+2,750t where t represents years worked after college. How many years would a mathematics major expect to work to be earning at least $95,000 per year? The pay for a government major graduating from college...
  8. shunya

    Sterling's pay

    :)For Sterling's weekly lawn-mowing job, his parents have given him two choices for his method of payment. Choice 1: He receives 10 dollars Choice 2: His parents place four 1 dollar bills, one 5 dollar bill and two 10 dollar bills in a bag and Sterling draws tow bills from the bag In the...
  9. Chikis

    How much did he pay?

    Bello was given a discount of 29% on a car that originally cost N160,000. How much did he pay? Actual price of car = N160000 discount = $\frac{29\times160000}{100}$ = N46400 He paid 160000-46400 = N113600
  10. Chikis

    For how long will it suffice to pay the wages of A and B together?

    A sum of money is sufficient to pay A's wages for 21 days or B's wages for 28 days. For how long will it suffice to pay the wages of A and B together? How do I solve this?
  11. R

    Get $3000 in two months, what is total week pay?

    If I get \$3000 in two months. How much money would I earn weekly to complete the \$3000 in two months?
  12. 0

    Adv Maths Help - Will pay for answers.

    Hi all, I need some help answering 18 questions. I'm willing to pay around £15 via paypal for all of them answered and with the working out of how it was done. I'd be very grateful if someone could help me on this! Here is a few of the them so you can see the types of questions. 1. Show...
  13. M

    Problem regarding holiday pay

    Per makes 1 200 000 kr in 2008 including 80 000 kr in holiday pay. How much holiday pay is he supposed to have in 2009? I did the following; Yearly inxome excluding holiday pay; 1 200 000 - 80 000= 1 120 000 kr 1 120 000*0.12(because here they get 12 % of what they made the previous year...
  14. S

    Annuity and serial loan, capable to pay for it after n years

    Hi there! I'm preparing myself for my examination and have a case I'm pretty sure will be given at it - but we don't have a specific formula for this case, and we are five guys trying to find a simpler way to solve this. Let's assume that you take a loan, 50.000 USD, which you are to pay yearly...
  15. S

    How much does madison pay for fuel that day?

    1. A gas pump is steadily dipensing fuel. Madison holds her watch up to the price display and notices that at 8:48:20 it reads $11.90. If the pump shuts off at 8:49:05, then how much does madison pay for fuel that day?