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    one page proof of Fermat's Last Theorem

    I am sending you an invitation to see the one page proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. This proof uses Fermat's Right Triangle Theorem to prove the Theorem. Also included in the proof is the diagram Fermat could not include in the margin of the book. It is an amazing proof. wFyX5uqyLLA
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    Fermat's Last Theorem 1 Page Proof

    Fermat’s Last Theorem This theorem basically states that A^n + B^n ≠ C^n, n > 2 if A, B, C and n are all positive integers. This inequation can be rewritten as C^n – B^n ≠ A^n. Andrew Wiles, a British mathematician, produced a lengthy proof of over 100 pages in the mid 1990s...
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    page in facebook about Mathematical Olympiad Challenges ... 2734520640
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    Understanding and Doing Geometry Internet Page?

    OK, I have taken a long break from finishing the last two chapters in my algebra book, so my current question is about Geometry. Is there an Internet page about how to use Geometry to figure out various shapes? I do not mean just the formulae, I know there are a lot of websites with that...
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    latex page

    How can I change letteres type or page style in latex?
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    Simpler, Elementary (less than one page) and Logical Proof o

    Attached is the proof
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    Geometry Page 4

    Thank guys for all your help! you have saved my life honestly... here is page 4 aka THE LAST PAGE! any help would be greatfull
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    Page 3

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    Geometry Page 2

    You guys rock, please continue to help me