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    I'm having trouble with a question, and need some help: A race track betting board has the following odds against: Horse A 9:2 B 6:1 C 11:3 D 19:2 E 10:1 F 13:2 A bet called a "triactor" is when you name the exact order of the first 3 horses in the race. What is the probability of...
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    Deer Button Game Odds

    Deer Button is a game played by people of Woodland Nations. Players use eight two-colour counters. Players take turns throwing all eight deer buttons at the same time. They win beans according to this table: Number of Buttons of the same colour | Beans Awarded...
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    Can some one tell me about a time in math

    When a new method more logical and simpler of accomplishing a set goal or task was created when once thought that the best way had been figured.....setting the bar at a pretty much giving the new standard an unsurpassable level. Or if one so wanted to corner said market or metaphorically hold...
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    Question for Odds

    Hi I'm in need of some Math geniuses to help me out with a question. I'm sure I will mess this question up so I apologize. Question: What are the odds that 2 Strangers, living in a population of 250, would move every 2 years to same new Counties, for 8 years. The counties all have about...
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    Relative risk and odds ratio

    Hi all, I attached my question as a link below and highlighted the parts that I felt I didn't understand. https://www.dropbox.com/s/99r2uo0xbatbuix/k.png?dl=0 For the first highlighted part, the relative risk is 1.45 and the percentage is 145%. But shouldn't the interpretation say '45%...
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    Solve For the Odds of a Probability

    Solve for the odds in favor of an event if the probability of the event is 0.7.
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    Odds and Distributions

    I'll preface by saying, this might not make any mathematical sense, which is why I'm here. When I learn, I like to relate new material to existing knowledge and I want to know if this makes sense before I encode it. a geometric distribution has the f(n): P*(1-P)^n-1 where p is probability of...
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    Valid method in finding Odds

    So this one should be easy for many of you guys. I just want confirmation on this. The Hebrew alphabet has numerical values The first verse: Genesis 1:1 has 7 words & 28 letters in Hebrew. In this verse we see some results that I call "Letter combinations" 1. All letters added from...
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    Dice odds

    How many orientations can two dice have face-to-face, and relative to the table?
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    Multiple Odds

    Hi, I suck at maths, was wondering if somebody could help me work out this problem. If I have odds of 1 in 11 and guess correctly what are my chances of guessing correctly again if my odds increase to 1 in 17 and so on with the list below: 1 in 11 1 in 17 1 in 17 1 in 24 1 in 30 1 in...
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    Odds of getting an item in a game

    Hi I am trying to figure out the odds of getting an item from a mystery box in a game. I figured out there is a 0.77% chance of getting the item for one item spin in one box. But there are three items per box. So how can I figure out the percent change of getting the item I want in a box? I was...
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    Dice Odds

    Hi If you roll 3 independent six sided dice, what is the probability that at least two of the dice will land on either a 5 or a 6? Please give me the workings out. I got as far as this: 1-((4/6)*(4/6)*(4/6)) but I think that only shows me the chances of at least 1 success...
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    Probability when replacing results

    Not sure how best to phrase this. But I was wondering how to calculate a percentage chance for dice rolls (or just in general) when a "reroll" occurs. Say you roll a dice to get #1-5, but you get a 6. So you reroll again; as one probability. The odd would normally be 5/6, 8.33...3% for one...
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    Odds of sequential rolls of a set of three, 12-sided dice to achieve a 1, 5, 8 combo?

    What are the odds of simultaneously rolling three, 12-sided dice with a number on each side (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12); and achieving the number 1 on one die, the number 5 on one die and the number 8 on one die? Die # 1: Odds 1 in 11?, Die #2: Odds 1 in 10?, and Die...
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    Odds of simultaneously rollin three, 12-sided dice & getting three different numbers?

    What are the odds of simultaneously rolling three, 12-sided dice & getting 3 different numbers (no duplicates) on each die. 1 in 220 or 1 in 7140? Something else? Is the answer based on selecting three numbers of a possible 12 or 36 numbers? I thought this odds calculator would assist me: The...
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    Probability and Odds for a Football pick'm Contest

    I'm doing a football pickem contest. The rules are I must pick exactly 16 games. If I pick 9 or more winners I win. If I pick only 8 or fewer winners I don't win. What are the odds that I can pick at least 9 winners out of 16 games (we are assuming the strength of each team to be equal)...
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    Proportionally effecting odds

    Hello guys, I have a program that randomly picks out of a list of options I pass into it, for example; Jump Duck Run Each with an associated probability of occurring that totals 1 (100%) 0.1 (10%) 0.4 (40%) 0.5 (50%) I already have a system in place to pick one of these...
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    Flush odds

    I have a math problem from a Texas Hold-em game. For non-players, the game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards divided into 4 suits of thirteen cards. I have two cards of the same suit. Clubs, say. Three cards are exposed in the middle of the table. Two of those cards are clubs. What...
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    Odds of guessing a playing card value in a new card game

    Hi, I was hoping someone could help me out here. I've made this game up with some friends called 'card stacker' using playing cards and would like to know the odds of the game so then it is possible to bet against the 'house' using chips. The game uses a standard 52 card deck and players are...
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    Probability or odds

    Hello ! I really need an answer to this question: We have 6 balls from 1 to 6. We extract 3 balls from this 6. After that we put back the 3 numbers and pick up another 3 numbers. After that we extract more three numbers. The question is what is the probability that in these 3 extractions ALL...