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    Nuclear physics

    If a nuclear power plant was producing 350x10^6 watts of power before an explosion happened, calculate the amount of energy it was producing every 5 minutes. My thinking so far to the answer is p=E/t= E=pxt 350x10^6x300= 21GJ
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    Calculate the mass deficit in this nuclear reaction

    Calculate the mass deficit in this nuclear reaction 12C+\frac{12}{6}C\rightarrow \frac{24}{12}Mg Information given: rest mass of a carbon-12 nucleus: 1.9921157x10^{-26} rest mass of a magnesium nucleus: 3.9817469x10^{-26} rest mass of a proton: 1.67353x10^{-27} rest mass of a...
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    Nuclear reaction equation

    23592U +, 1n0 →72 Zn30 +160 Sm X+ Y 1n0+energy Sorry for the formatting in advanced. Two questions What are the numbers represented by x and Y for X I'm thinking 62 for Y I'm thinking 4 Second question why is energy produced in this reaction?
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    Catalyst in Nuclear Fusion.

    Can we use Catalyst in Nuclear Fusion? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
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    Catalyst in Nuclear Fission.

    Can we use Catalyst in Nuclear Fission? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
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    NAND is not a quantum operator, but 3 of them on 3 bit vars is

    The most misunderstood thing about time is, when we look at small things they move between past and future as if time was a kind of space, but at larger sizes its much harder to unburn a pile of ashes back into a log, yet this does happen as we see in trees grown from ancient ashes in the...
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    A simple and relatively cheap way to reduce the risk of nuclear meltdown by 99%

    Some CPUs are liquid cooled and use nonmoving parts to slowly push the liquid through tiny pipes in the solid metal. We could hold the uranium spread out enough that no one place could do more than a microwave with its door open and microwaving could radiate you, not a mass destruction just...
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    Nuclear Physics Q

    Q: free neutrons decays in this manner: n-> p + e + neutrino determine the electrons maximum energy ______________________ A: Why is the correct answer: E=(n-p-2e)*931.494 MeV/c and not: E=(n-p-e)*931.494 Mev/c (n,p,e mass in kg)
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    Effective nuclear charge

    Due to the electrons pressent in the inner shells of an atom the electrons in the outermost shell expirience less force of attraction from the nucleus.Now here is a statement:This decreases the nuclear charge actually present. Is this statement right?How can the nuclear charge decrease?The...