1. F

    Help with negative calculations

    I have a situation where I need to update the dividend of a division formula to a lower number. Because the divisor is a negative number, I'm getting the opposite effect of what we expect to see. The updated target SHOULD provide an improved result but the opposite occurs. I'm trying to...
  2. M

    Weird simple question on comparing positive and negative integers

    Hi, I don´t know how to deal with this: When comparing climate impact (contribution of CO2 released to atmosphere) of different types of insulation, how do I compare the positive and negative impact? I want to compare this materials: CORK -59 kg/m2 EPS +23 kg/m2 WOOL +96 kg/m2...
  3. E

    Tutoring Arithmetic With Negative Numbers

    I'm tutoring a girl who is going into seventh grade, but her is way below that. I haven't seen what she was taught and what her grades were. I asked her what's she's doing in summer. She's said she's in school for Math and ELA (English Language Arts). When I asked if she had any notes or...
  4. Q

    Negative exponent to a power

    A practice test I'm using to study has a question that raises a fraction to a negative exponent which is also raise to a (positive) exponent. To me, the simple answer would be: (1/4)^-4^2 = (4^-1)^16 but the book says the 16 is negative. Any reason why this is? The book only gives what...
  5. R

    new symbol for negative integers

    Circling the negative number signifies that the amount is Owed because the amount is not produced until it is paid. A class at Umass spoke about this that I was in, but we may have spoke oppressively so this is to be certain people have the discussion if it was an idea that people incorrectly...
  6. shunya

    A question on the usage of NEGATIVE signs in science

    In math the integers are ordered on the number line so that if we take any number y then any number x to the LEFT is less than x and any number z to the RIGHT of y is greater than x. Basically x < y < z given the above definition. Accordingly -34 < -25 < 0 < 34 < 189 I understand the...
  7. M

    Modulo negative integer

    Why can't we have modulo negative number? I have never seen this.
  8. D

    Prove that at least one number must be negative. abc = -1000

    So I am having this question in my math textbook that says: Assume abc = -1000 Prove that at least one number must be negative. So the only proof method that is availible for the chapter is to do contrary evidence (the opposite to prove that it can't be true). So do it become this then...
  9. M

    Negative residues

    How do we count the number of negative residues when applying Gauss's Lemma? Is it the ceiling function of (p-1)/4 which seems to work but not been seen in any literature?
  10. R

    How to find logarithm of a number having negative characteristic.

    Hi, can anybody help me find logarithm of a number having negative characteristic? For example, log(0.00462). Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. M

    Negative Theta Angle

    If you take a circle, the angle theta varies from 0 to 360 Degrees. What exactly is negative angle like -30 etc? I mean to say 330 is also -30 degrees? I am confused?
  12. S

    The P.M.F. of Hypergeometric and Negative Binomial Distribution.

    A forest contains 100 deer. 20 of them have a red tag and 80 of them are untagged. A researcher samples 30 random deer without replacement. Let X be the number of tagged deer in the sample. From the sample of 30 deer, she will keep picking deer with replacement until she picks the fourth tagged...
  13. M

    Negative determinant is positive?

    Hello, I am looking at this question. "Determine a general form of the equation of the plane through each of the following sets of three points" P1(1,-2,3) P2(1,0,2) P3(-1,4,6) This seems simple enough. I get this matrix Figuring out the determinants for each will get me 12,-2,4 So...
  14. A

    Scaling positive and negative numbers

    Help. I having a set of numbers 35,-32, 3 which total to 6. I want to scale these numbers to total 25. If I use standard weights then scale of the numbers magnifies significantly which is not realistic. (35/6) = 583% - multiple by 25 = 145.833 (-32/6) = -533% - multiple by 25 = -133.33 (3/6)...
  15. C

    A Proof concerning a negative f(x)

    Dear My Math Forum Community: What would be a suitable proof using the information below? Given: (1) the limit as x --> infinity, f(x)g(x) = L1 - L2 (2) the limit as x --> infinity, f(x) = L (3) L is...
  16. F

    Help needed to understand properties of negative exponents, with particular problem.

    Please, I'd like to know how -4/a, became -4*a^-1. I understand a little about negative exponents, for example for x^-1 you first find the reciprocal of the base, and then raise that to the positive exponent. 1/x^1. Also, I read that when you have fractions raised to a negative power, you can...
  17. J

    Can Probability density functions take negative values?

    My question is: evaluate the pdf at fx(3) where fx(x)=(-2)/((1+x)^3) and compute value -1/32, can pdf's be negative or have i made a mistake in the previous question? Thanks!
  18. Q

    Positive or negative root

    Hey, Just a quick question for advice on how you all remember to do this. Take the example: V^2=4 V=+\-square root(4) Excuse the lack of symbols, pretty new to posting online. I always forget to include the plus or minus sign before the square root. Does anyone have a quick mental way...
  19. A

    Log with negative exponent on TI-84 Plus Calculator

    Good evening to all - I have what may be a very basic (Newbie) sort of question ... I have a TI-84 Plus calculator, and I don't understand how to enter a log raised to the -1 power, on the calculator keypad ... An example of the formula I need to solve on the calculator is: 50 x...
  20. C

    is it possible for a function to have a positive or negative root?

    sorry im not really good at math please don't judge me :( for example f(x)=(cuberoot)x+8 is it still a function if for some instance it was f(x) = positive or negative cuberoot of x + 8. Well i have not seen any example with that positive or negative cube root or square root so maybe the...