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    Help with Math needed? no problem!

    Hello dear friends! I started a Youtube channel a day ago and I am uploading videos daily. I am currently doing a playlist on Logic Abstract algebra. If you guys need help, check out some of my videos. I try to make them as detailed as possible since I myself am a student and find some of the...
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    function help needed.

    Assuming the height of a cylinder is h and h depends on the radius r function h(r)= 50/\pi*r^2. Area of cylinder => A(r,h)= 2*\pi*r^2+2*\pi*r*h. form a function A(r)=A(r,h(r)), which basically means that the area of cylinder depends on its radius. My answer to this is...
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    Help is needed

    Hello, There is this question that I can't solve. Please help me many thanks
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    Mathematician needed for proof of method

    I have developed over 14 yrs of study a method to do what was once thought impossible. I only ask that the person or persons I choose to co-author and eventually publish. A contract of confidentiality will have to be agreed upon. The complete method would also be taught and executed...
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    Help Needed please I don't know where to start from.

    The question is. Consider the function f(x)=sqrt(x)/sin(x),0<x<pi Show that the x coordinate of the minimum point on the curve y=f(x) satisfies the equation tan x=2x the question is worth 5 marks/points
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    Graph help needed ASAP

    Hello people, I need your help as soon as possible. I will be very thankful to everyone engaged in my math problem: We have an end undirected graph (not infinite) and every vertex in that graph has odd degree. Prove that every edge is in even number Hamiltonian cycles (including 0).
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    Complex Analysis - Help needed

    pls I need help, I have problem in complex analysis. especially complex integration and complex differentiation.
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    Urgent help needed!

    Hi guys, I was just wondering how I should proceed to answer this question. I've tried the double-angle cosine formula (advised to try by a friend), but still can't figure out the answer. Any help would be much appreciated!
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    how many mL of 75% alcohol is needed?

    How many mL of 75% alcohol should be mixed with 10% of 1000 cc alcohol to prepare 30% of 500mL alcohol solution? a) 346.16mL b) 234.43mL c)153.84mL d) 121.12mL Answer: C (153.84mL) I got an answer of 66.67mL for some reason. this is how I thought the solution should be: Need: how many mL of...
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    Career Guidance Faculty Member Needed

    Hello, I need a letter of recommendation / declaration of competence in Abstract Algebra, from a faculty member of a legit university. I obviously don't expect that person to just write it off the bat, given the study I do in the next 6 months and what ever requests of the person doing...
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    Decision Tree Urgent Help needed

    A large multinational oil company is considering its strategy in the North Sea. The UK government has announced that a new drilling site in the North Sea will be offered for sale on a competitive tender basis, the site going to the company making the highest bid. Provisional exploration of the...
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    Help needed to understand properties of negative exponents, with particular problem.

    Please, I'd like to know how -4/a, became -4*a^-1. I understand a little about negative exponents, for example for x^-1 you first find the reciprocal of the base, and then raise that to the positive exponent. 1/x^1. Also, I read that when you have fractions raised to a negative power, you can...
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    Geometry Help Needed!

    Help! I'm trying to make a design out of brass strips - image attached. The strips come in lengths of 900mm and are 25.4 wide. Length will need to be cut to suit including 45 degrees. How many strips are required, and at what length? For the straight pieces I figured out I would need...
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    Business equation help needed please.

    Hi All, I'm new to the site, so apologies if I have posted in the wrong section. Also, even greater apologies for asking a question that is probably really simple to answer. I'm starting a business, selling through a third-party vendor, and need to work out a final price for my...
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    Minimum number of experiments needed

    Hello Mathematicians, My apologies if this isn't in the right thread. I have an experiment I'm trying to conduct. I won't go into the exact details here but I can easily abstract the problem. I have six categories of variable x (x1, x2, x3, x4, x5 and x6) I have four categories...
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    Exponent simplification help needed

    Below is a problem I did on khan academy, the first thing I did to simplify the problem was square the top and bottom, but in the solution they waited until the very end to take the square root which changed the answer. Was squaring the top and bottom first not the proper way to do it? I'm confused
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    Statistics project needed to graduate.

    In this lab you will pit your self against your class mates to see who is the ultimate rock, paper, scissors champion. Data collection: Play rock paper scissors against five different people in clasw. Record the amount of wins below. Write W for a win and L for a loss" Part 1: How Good...
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    Linearization URGENT HELP NEEDED

  19. A

    Binomial Expansion Help Needed!

    I came across a question, which was: Find the coefficient of c^4d^11 in the expansion of (2c+5d)(c+d)^14. I can do it easily with the (c+d) bracket, but the (2c+5d) complicates it for me. Could someone help me out? Thanks a lot!
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    Help needed solving a digital logic problem

    Hi, I'm not quite sure how to tackle this digital logic problem. How do I minimise the number of NAND gates. I can K-map it using the SOP and implement NAND gates to solve but I seem to have a lot of NAND gates in my solution. Any help is appreciated.