1. G

    How Earth maintain its same angular momentum even after sun disappears?

    How Earth maintain its same angular momentum even after sun disappears ?
  2. G

    Why we have to add I ω to final angular momentum; Lf?

    A 1 kg mass of clay, moving with a velocity of 10 m/s, strikes a stationary wheel and sticks to it. The solid wheel has a mass of 20 kg and a radius of 1m. Assuming that the wheel is set into pure rolling motion, the angular velocity of the wheel immediately after the impact is approximately...
  3. P

    Beamer relationship to Law of Conservation of Momentum Can we apply Law of conservation of momentum to Beamer? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  4. SenatorArmstrong

    Quantum Mechanics: Momentum Expectation Value

    Hello forum, I was doing some quantum mechanics earlier and I was finding expectation values for a given wave function $\psi(x,t)$ specifically for momentum $\langle p \rangle_\psi$ I got $\langle p \rangle_\psi = 0$. What does this solution tell me? That the particle is most likely...
  5. S

    Velocity in Momentum

    How do you get the velocity after a collision if one body towards left have a mass of 5kg while the other body with a mass of 10kg with a velocity of 2m/s towards right. How do you find the velocity of the body with the mass of 5kg towards left?
  6. B

    rate of angular momentum of a point

    Hi, Does anyone know how to calculate the rate of angular momentum of a point,Q? Google is not helping me right now. Thanks
  7. P

    Help with conservation of momentum question

    Q1) Tiny Tim of mass 72kg is playing in the super bowl against the Arizona Cardinals. Tiny Tim is running at 4ms-1 when he collides with Alan Branch, with mass 165kg, running in the opposite direction with a speed of 5ms-1. Momentarily after the collision Alan Branch’s velocity was 0ms-1...
  8. P

    conservation of momentum

    I've done 3 and 4 just want a clarification that its right Q3) Maxim, of mass 70kg, is running at 3.5ms-1 when he jumps on a skateboard, of mass 2.2kg, travelling at 0.8 ms-1 in the same direction. i. Calculate their new combined velocity. Q4) Maxim is on his skateboard again travelling at...
  9. T

    Determine the angular momentum

    Well finally got to the last question. I thought this one would be easy but I'm unsure. I've looked into this question. I have the mass, the velocity, and I think radius. If I manage to get the last one right that would be awesome.
  10. G

    please explain this momentum problem

    A 40gram bullet is fired with a speed of 300m/s into a ballistic pendulum of mass 5kg suspended from a chord 1m long. Compute the vertical height through which the pendulum rises. Solution: m1v1+m2v2 = m1v1'+m2v2' 400(300)+5000(0)=40v1+5000v1 v1=2.38m/s v2=0 v2^2=v1^2 + 2gS S=h 0 = 2.38^2...
  11. M

    Interactive Momentum or Force.

    This new term Interactive Momentum or Force. It may not be listed on the on the internet. This term has not been published. Because I invented it many years ago. Please look at the term as being: Any opposition to force or momentum. This would attribute to, wind resistance, or even possible...
  12. T

    Momentum Problem

    Hello so I am having a problem with this question and need someone to check my workings. question: A 40kg skateboarder on a 3kg skateboard is training holding two 5kg weights. Beginning from rest, she throws the weights horizontally one at a time from her board. The velocity of the weight is...
  13. hyperbola

    Another Linear momentum Question

    A 22g bullet strikes and becomes embedded in a 1.35kg block of wood placed on a horizontal surface just in front of the gun. If the co-efficient of kinetic friction is 0.28, and the impact drives the block a distance of 8.5m before it comes to rest, what was the muzzle speed of the bullet...
  14. hyperbola

    Momentum Equation

    m_1u_i = m_1u_f + m_2v_f, (m_1>m_2) I want u_f in terms of m_1, m_2, u_i u_f = \frac{m_1u_i - m_2v_f}{m_1} [1] v_f = \frac{m_1u_i-m_1u_f}{m_2} [2] [2] into [1] u_f = \frac{m_1m_2u_i - m_1m_2(u_i-u_f)}{m_1m_2} (m_1m_2)u_f+m_1m_2(u_i-u_f) = m_1m_2u_i...
  15. hyperbola

    Linear Momentum: Help with proof of derived equation

    Need help deriving a couple of equations PLEASE A moving object A of mass m_A strikes a stationary Object B of mass m_B. m_A>m_B [1] m_Bv'_B=m_A(v_A-v'_A), (v_B=0) [2] v'_A=v'_B-v_A Final velocities of object A and B: [3] v'_B=v_A\bigg(\frac{2m_A}{m_A+m_B}\bigg) [4]...
  16. S

    Elastic and momentum problem

    I've work for about 4 hours on this problem and have made absolutely no headway. This program Im taking is expecting me to answer the question, however, I cant find a way to answer it short of using black magic. So any pointers or help would be much appreciated. Anywho, here is the problem...
  17. aditya ranjan

    plz solve these questions

    1. If a car is travelling north on a straight road and its brakes are applied, it will (A) have no acceleration (B) accelerate to the north (C) accelerate to the south (D)accelerate either east or west 2. A force of 10 N is acting on a body of mass 20 kg for 10...
  18. S

    equlibrium problem momentum arm

    Hi A rod comprises a counterweight (a) a handle and a hook which hangs mass (m), the rod mass is 400g counterweight mass (a) = 1600g and the rod is 0.8m long. Equilibrium exists when the handle is at position X = 12.0cm How did I 1: calculated the length of the handle to (m) which was 0.68m...
  19. N

    Mechanics, conservation of momentum

    A block of mass 3kg travelling at 5m/s catches up another block of mass 7 kg travelling at 2 m/s along the same line and in the same direction. A) if after the collision the second block has increased its speed to 3 m/s, what is the speed of the first block? B) you are given that the difference...
  20. L

    Rotation matrices and exponential map for angular momentum

    Hi guys, I'm having some trouble with rotation matrices. Basically, this is the problem: Let R(na) be a matrix in SO(3), where na specifies the rotation the matrix represents. Namlely, n is the unit vector about which the rotation is performed, and a is the angle of the rotation. Let...