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    What is the angle made at the center by 7th and 23rd meeting points (in degrees)?

    Two runners start running in opposite directions along a circular path from the same point simultaneously. Their speeds are 9m/sec and 6 m/sec. What is the angle made at the center by 7th and 23rd meeting points (in degrees)?
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    I made square and root calculator for Android!

    I created my own app! It is very simple and it might be useless for expert.. But it provides record and intuitive UI, I think. I would really appreciate if you could use it and leave a review. Thank you!:cool::cool:
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    a Zn suite that begins with an anomaly and can not be made with the classical math

    Hello log (2 ^ t + t ^ 2-64) = t (1-log (5)) I put i = t with i ^ 2 = -1 So log (2 ^ i + i ^ 2-64) = i (1-log (5)) so log (2 ^ i-65) = i (1-log (5)) ln (2 ^ i-65) + i * ln (5) -i = ln (2 ^ i-65) + ln (5-i) = -i 0 ln (((2 ^ i-65) * 5 ^ i) = i therefore (2 ^ i-65) * 5 ^ i = exp (i) =...
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    The total value of withdraws made during Day?

    I don't know what to do for question (ii). Help me, please, I'm lost. I don't know where to begin. I have an exam tomorrow on this topic, so I require a bit of help because I had been sick a lot. I missed a lot of school, so I missed the topic. Thanks for answering the question. For part (i), I...
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    Physics made easy, the concept of work through visual examples

    Hi everyone, For those interested, here is a new video on the concept of work with visual examples of forces that do work and forces that don’t. In my videos I try to explain physics in a clear and simple manner, if you find physics difficult or you are a physics enthusiast, check them out...
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    how chemical are made ?

    hello how chemical are made to join iron and plastic what is this bond?
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    how this clock is made ?

    hello how this clock is made?
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    how xeon processor are made

    Hello how xeon processor are made? xeon x3370
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    how this 3d is made

    hello how this 3d is made
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    How glue is made?

    hello how glue is made for paper ?
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    How iron are made?

    hello how iron frame are made? from mines to marker for advertisment??
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    How Many Ways Can 9 People Be Made Into 3 Groups Of 3?

    How many ways can 9 people be made into 3 groups of 3 without any two people being in the same group more than once?
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    How Si chip are made.

    Hello, I was listening in lecture that sand is used for si chip how we have it? How?
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    Need help creating a story problem for a polynomial I made.

    So one of the assignments I had for math was to create a polynomial, and I made "x^2(x+3)(x-4)". Now the problem is that I have to create a situation that is realistic. I also have to explain what each of the zeros in my polynomial means within the context of my problem. The above image is...
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    Video: Euclid's algorithm made easy
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    Video: Finite fields made easy
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    Video: Recurrence relations made easy (incl. Fibonacci sequence)
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    A Cool Problem I Made (would appreciate proof verification)

    The question is: Given an ordered string of beginning digits (base 10) and a single last digit (base 10) in the set {1, 4, 5, 6, 9}, there is an infinite list of numbers that start and end with said digits. Is it always possible to find a square number within that list? Example: If we are...
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    Video: Permutations made easy
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    I believe I made a mistake with this integral

    \int \frac{1}{(1+x^{2})^{2}}dx x=\tan \theta dx=\sec^2 \theta \:d\theta \int \frac{\sec^2 \theta}{(1+\tan^2 \theta)^{2}}\:d\theta \int \frac{\sec^2 \theta}{(\sec^2 \theta)^{2}}\:d\theta \int \frac{\sec^2 \theta}{\sec^4 \theta}\:d\theta \int \frac{1}{\sec^2 \theta}\:d\theta...