1. G

    Intersection of three lines - aka a system of three equations with three variables

    So I'm supposed to find the value of m for which these three lines intersect at the same point: mx+2y-1=0 2x+my+3=0 x-y-3=0 One of the many things I tried was to write all three in slope-intercept form like this: y=(1-mx)/2 y=(-3-2x)/m y=x-3 Then I thought, I can just equate the second and...
  2. B

    angle difference between two lines

    Summary There are two angles, each with azimuth and elevation (azimuth related to true south and elevation related to true local horizontal. What are the steps/equation to calculate the angle between the two described angles? What is the general method to solve? Backstory Moved into a house...
  3. T

    Simplifying intersection point of lines with parameters

    I'm kind of lost on simplifying this formula: \frac{u+\lambda*\cos(\epsilon + \alpha)}{\cos(\epsilon)}- \frac{v+\lambda*\sin(\epsilon + \alpha)}{\sin(\epsilon)}= 0 I'm no math-student, just trying to play around with interference patterns, anyways... I try to figure out what \lambda is...
  4. S

    Find the 2 points r units away from two lines

    I have two lines defined by two points each (P1, P2, P3, P4). I'd like to find the 2 points that are distanced r units from both lines. I found a way, but I think it's too long and maybe there's one shorter. { = r = r } (in the second image, replace P1 -> P3 and P2 -> P4) I'd like to have...
  5. J

    How can I make lines of equal lengths to all directions from a central point?

    I made a problem in my mind that I can't seem to solve. I need an answer because it is quite fundamental to me, because it is about the expansion of things like the universe. This is the problem; I can't understand how to make lines of equal lengths to all directions from a central point. I...
  6. Chemist116

    How to solve this problem involving intersecting lines and angles?

    The following problem might be too elementary for many of you but for me is not very obvious, and therefore I would really appreciate in the proposed answer it can be included a reworked diagram showing the why's and how's. I know drawing can be tedious specially in geometry. In this figure...
  7. Z

    Ask for a video of a simultaneous rotation around two lines

    We know that if a rigid body is rotating simultaneously about two lines which intersect, the angular velocity is the vector sum of the two angular velocities around the two lines, respectively. I have some difficulty in imagining such a simultaneous rotation, do you know is there any video in...
  8. A

    Straight lines

    Hello, I am stuck at these two questions of locus from the topic of straight lines. Q1) A right angled triangle ABC having a right angle at C, CA = b and CB = a, move such that the angular points A and B slide along x- axis and y- axis respectively. Find locus...
  9. S

    Determine proportion of two lines in a triangle

    Hey there. I'm a second semester maths student. I currently have one lecture which I'm not keeping up with because it's a) terrible, it makes me angry, and b) about the topic I'm least interested in, however do still plan to pass the exam this semester, hence why I need help solving this...
  10. I

    Building an intuition for infinite-dimensional points, lines, surface etc.

    I come from a javascript background. My goal is to build simulations of "dream" stuff. Not in javascript ;) Yesterday my mind was blown when I was listening to a lecture on youtube and the professor brought up "a point with infinite dimensions". In that moment I asked myself "how could you do...
  11. L

    Distance between two straight lines

    Hello Anyone help me to find the distance between the straight lines attached. Thanks in advance!
  12. L

    tangent lines and chords

    Hello everyone, I have a question that I couldn't solve guys. Will you please help me to find x value and explain why? I really appreciate. LEO PS: I read all about tangent lines and chords but couldn't find which theorem is related with this.
  13. T

    Distance between two parallel lines

    Hello, I have two parallel lines. All I know is the coordinates of their start and end points. How can I calculate the distance between these lines? Thanks
  14. A

    Physical Theory of Sophisticated lines

    Physical theory of the Sophisticated lines........ 1 Line is the basic concept of geometry Line has two date – physical length and form...
  15. T

    Proving perpendicular lines in hyperbolic geometry

    Hi everyone, This is actually a college level geometry question, I just wasn't sure where to post it. This question pertains to the hyperbolic plane. Suppose ABO is an asymptotic triangle and <A = <B. If M is the midpoint of the finite side AB, prove that the line MO is perpendicular to AB...
  16. S

    Equations of straight lines

    How can I find the equation of straight line L of question 6?
  17. S

    difficult task with vectors, lines and planes

    Find all the points on the z axis which lies on the same distance from planes 2x+3y+z=1 and x+y+z=0. I really do not know how to start solving it, although I am familiar with the basic rules and formulas of planes, lines etc. Please help me! :)
  18. K

    Exercise on two straight lines

    I have this exercise that I really do not understand how to do. In a Euclidean space $E^3$, we have an orthonormal system and considering two straight lines $r$ and $s$ of the following equations: $r:\{(2y + 5z - 17 = 0),(x + 1 = 0)\}$ $s:\{(4x + (a - 4)z + 16 - 3a = 0),(4y + (a + 6)z - 7a - 18...
  19. E

    R^3-{0} is a disjoint union of lines?

    Prove or disprove: There exists a collection $\Gamma$ of disjoint lines such that $\displaystyle{\mathbb{R}^3-{0}=\bigcup_{l\in\Gamma} l }$
  20. E

    R^3 remove the origin is a disjoint union of lines

    Prove or disprove: There is a collection $\mathbf{\Gamma}$ of pairwise disjoint lines such that $\displaystyle{\qquad \bigcup_{L\,\in\,\mathbf{ \Gamma}}L = \mathbb{R}^3 -\{\mathbf{0}\}}$