1. C

    Learn Math in English

    How can I learn Math by English? I have learned English 1 month ago.
  2. R

    LiHua learn words question

    LiHua learn 1 new word everyday and review it after learning 1,2,4,8...2^n days. questions: 1.After infinite days, does LiHua need to review infinite word? 2.How arrange review plan, can LiHua just need to review finite words after infinite days.Or can she do it? (Condition:she must review...
  3. PokerMan39

    Need a good book to learn accounting

    I am trying to learn accounting Can someone please recommend me a good book ? Thanks
  4. E

    The MTA Needs to Learn About Inflation

    Newsday cited the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) for the inflation rate of 19 years and the annual average inflation. Using the annual average to the 19th power produces the 19 year total, which may sound good, but it isn't. With inflation, order matters. If consecutive years...
  5. G

    Self Learn Maths

    Hi, I want to learn Maths from the most basic level, such as in Kindergarten, all the way up to an undergraduate course in Mathematics. Can anyone please recommend the list of topics that I need to cover and good books to self-learn?
  6. H

    Asian students learn math so well?

    Is there anyone think that Asian students always good at mathematical problems. Seems like they always on top of all classes.
  7. porchgirl

    Academic Guidance I want to learn pre-algebra ?where to start?

    My basic math is very weak; I want to improve it. How do I improve my pre algebra? There are a lot of terms that are confusing me, especially when it comes to Arithmetic fractions and Algebraic fractions. Please help me with some book or website suggestions.
  8. B

    Is this true or false? Please explain also so I can learn.

    Determine whether the statement is true or false. If it is false, explain why or give an example that shows it is false. If lim x→c f(x) = L,then f(c) = L. a) False. If the limit of f as x approaches c is equal to L, then f(c) = cL. b) False. Define f to be the piece-wise function...
  9. T

    what programing language to learn

    Hi guys, I am looking to learn a computer programming language. I first thought C, but as I am a full time student studying I believe learning C requires more time than I actually have. So I have been thinking of learning python, my question is python a good program language to start with...
  10. L

    Best way to learn beyond Calculus in High School?

    I'm going into my Senior year of high school, and I have already taken the highest math class my school offers (AP Calculus BC). I thought I would be ok with this, but at the last minute my schedule changed so I can't take a math-based science class, either. I really love math, and it makes me...
  11. Q

    New and looking to take numbers

    Hello. I am qMmoqGoe. That is a randomly generated username with upper and lower case characters. Pretty lazy huh? Well, I am in about a pre calc / calc area from what I learned in high school and want to learn all I can about math. Any suggestions on where to learn, what books, or good...
  12. K

    What should I learn for calculus?

    I want to start learning calculus, but I don't know exactly what and how many subjects I need to learn first. I know about equations, exponents and I think I know quadratic equations more or less, but what else should I learn and when can I start learning calculus at a university?
  13. X

    Where do I learn spherical trigonometry?

    Seems like an interesting concept, but alas I am a high school student and this neat field is not investigated. Could anyone recommend a good book for self studying the topic? Also, in terms of college, what course would the topics of spherical trigonometry fall under?
  14. M

    Career Guidance What software should I learn how to use?

    Hi guys thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm about to embark on my second year of study in a Bsc Mathematics degree. I am thinking about learning how to use a computer program with the intention of helping my prospects when looking for jobs. I want to know what program would allow me...
  15. M

    How To learn 3D vectors?

    Hi! Im practicing for a very important exam, and I need to know how to solve problems with 3 dimensional vectors similar to the one im attaching. Can someone tell me how to learn to solve this problems? Ex: videos, pdf, a webpage, formulas? I have no idea! I do know how to solve vectors on...
  16. S

    Academic Guidance I am going to learn these Mathematics topics . Looking for suggestions?

    up vote 0 down vote favorite First of all , here is a little background of myself. I am terrible when it comes to Mathematics( totally suck at it) all because of the worst choice I made in high school. I opted for programming instead of Mathematics because I've always hated math. I am basically...
  17. A

    Easy way to learn math at online

    Introducing here an adaptive/personalized learning platform to practice math worksheets @ beGalileo|Online Adaptive Learning Platform| Maths practice worksheets
  18. A

    Best place to learn algebra online?

    I want to get a solid foundation of algebra and a general understanding of trigonometry so I can begin learning Physics. Where are some of the best places online to learn Algebra? (Please don't say khan academy)
  19. C

    Best way to learn math? And teach it?

    So what is the best way to learn math? And what is the best way to teach it? What do you guys think? I personally think the Socratic Method is the best way…! Let me know what you think. You definitely don’t have to go to the link if you are not comfortable, but I made a video/article...
  20. V

    Math Content Which makes the Students to Learn Math Easily

    It is a great pleasure for us to present free online math content help for Students across all the grades, job seekers and people who are in need of help. Here you can find Concepts, methods, formulas, and sample problems in all the topics. The method we give for any topic on math would be the...