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    intergrating y with respect to dx

    I am having trouble doing this equation, I am really not to sure were to start. I have a checked my book for a hint but nothing and so if someone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. I think it has to do with double intergales and intergration by parts but not 100%...
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    intergrating natural log

    I am intergrating ln (1-1/(x^2)) dx I am not which substitution to use. Can I get some input please? :devil:
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    Intergrating factor for inexact ODE

    I wrote this out in Wolfram so excuse the poor annotation. I'm trying to find the integrating factor for the in exact equation below. (2 x + y^2) dx + 4xy dy =0 [Delta]M/[Delta]y = 2 x + y^2 dx = 2 y [Delta]N/[Delta]x = 4 x y dy = 4 y...