1. Y

    Interpreting Graphs

    A liquid is heated in lab using hot plate the graph temperature vs time is shown below answer using letter A, B, C, D FROM THE ABOVE GRAPH 1) WHERE IS THE RATE OF CHANGE ZERO? 2) WHERE IS THE RATE OF CHANGE CHANGING? 3) WHERE IS THE RATE OF CHANGE...
  2. I

    Sine & Cosine Graphs- someone help me with this please

    Here's the deal. I'm taking an integrated math class that I probably shouldn't, because it recommends taking Algebra 2 beforehand. I haven't taken Algebra 2. I was trying to avoid it, because, well I don't do algebra and this class isn't only about this stuff. This is just a section in it. But I...
  3. M

    Path between 2 graphs

    I have 2 un-direct graphs, A and B. I know that the intersection between A and B is not empty. In detail, suppose that s and d are nodes in A and that b is a node in B. I know that some nodes in I(b) (neighbors of b) and also their edges belong to A, but NOT b. Because I am looking for a path...
  4. C

    Graphs; Functions and Their Derivatives

    Need some help with this calculus question.
  5. N

    Random variable, graphs, prob. distribution

    Hello everyone. How can i solve this exercise? (select any variant of F) I cant understand how to solve it :(
  6. M

    Thread: Graph Grammar Function For Two Exotic Graphs Question please.

    I will start my question by describing a particular graph. 1. There are a finite, fixed, number of nodes. labeled {A,B....Z} (so for this example there are 24 nodes). 2. Each node consists of another graph (tree) with exactly 3 nodes in 3 depths. That means we have a graph where the nodes...
  7. U

    Mathematical scales

    0, 1, 2, 3, 4... - linear scale. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16... - logarithmic scale. 0, 1/2, 1, 2, :infinity: - the hell is this one ? Because everybody is like "this is totally legit, but I don't know how it's called or what's the general rule ". More generally: 0; n^0; :infinity: 0; n^-1; n^0; n^1...
  8. P

    Applications of Graphs Dynamic Data Structures.

    What are the applications of Graphs Dynamic Data Structures? Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
  9. S

    equation / graphs

    What is the greater group - equations' group or graphs' group?
  10. D

    How to distinguish between these two graphs?

    Consider the two functions f(x) = x^2 and g(x) = 1/|x|. The first one is a parabola with the vertex at the origin. The second one is an absolute value function with a V-shaped graph. If you take the reciprocal of both functions, their graphs look very similar. Both have an asymptote...
  11. H

    area between two polar graphs

    How to find the area of two polar graphs if r=4sin theta and 10cos theta?
  12. O

    Changing the way of writing maths

    Greetings and wonderful day fellow maths enthusiasts! I'm working on something like this The idea is to put 'noisy' and overwhelming research papers, scripts, notes, books and basically whole mathematics into interconnected graphs, cause... knowledge is often...
  13. K

    Relations and Graphs

    1. Let A= {-2, -1, 0, 1, 2}. Let r be the relation defined by xry if and only if y=-x . Let S be the relation defined by xsy if and only if y= |x|. (a) Write down as a subset of A X A . (b) Write down as a subset of AXA. (c) With rows and columns labelled in the order (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2)...
  14. T

    Domain and range of restriced tan, cos and sin graphs?

    I've been told you need to restrict the domain to find the inverse functions of sin, cos and tan. I am told the following from a source: But it really bothers me because the graphs tell me something different. In case of sin x I can see that the domain on the graph is indeed what they are...
  15. P

    Interesting thing about graphs (adding x! to formulas)

    I was just playing with a graph drawing software and noticed something very interesting. The graph of y = x! , when going further into negative X, turned into a straight line with infinitely long vertical lines coming out of it to both positive and negative Y at every whole number. Basically it...
  16. O

    FM with graphs?

    Hello. I'm experimenting with sound synthesis concepts in an online graphing calculator. I have the 4 basic waves and am doing combining, changing the frequency and amplitude and recently figured out amplitude modulation. One thing I am having trouble with is FM. Originally I thought it...
  17. M

    Transformations of graphs

    The graph of function f(x)=ax+b is transformed by the following sequence: A)*Translation by (1 2) *Reflection in y=0 *Horizontal stretch, scale factor 1/3 relative to x=0 The resultant function is g(x)=4-15x. Find a and b . I am not sure how to do this problem.
  18. A

    Shapes of graphs

    How do I find the concavity of this function and its inflection points just by looking at it ?
  19. H

    Graphs.... Can anyone help ?

    How can I draw a graph using a scale of 2cm to 1 unit on the x-axis and 1 cm to 1 unit on the y-axis? y = 1/2x + 4 -3 < x < 3
  20. J

    How to prove graph also has a cycle of length a + b-2.

    If an undirected graph contains two cycles of lengths a, b respectively, that have exactly one edge in common. How can I prove that the graph also has a cycle of length a + b-2.