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    Floating Vs Fixed Point Controllers

    Generally all Micro controllers are Fixed point or Floating point? How do I know? How much accurate the floating point will be compared to fixed point?
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    Programs for floating point numbers to text.

    Reference : https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.geeksforgeeks.org/convert-number-to-words/amp/ Can we write computer programs which will convert a floating point or decimal number in words? Programming languages could be C,C++,Java,C#, Python etc. Example : Input 375.50...
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    Inverse of a matrix of decimal or floating numbers.

    Can we find the Inverse of a 3*3 matrix having the following decimal number elements? 1.2 2.3 4.5 6.1 4.2 2.9 7.4 3.5 8.7 Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
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    Computer program to check a floating or decimal point palindrome number.

    Reference : https://www.programmingsimplified.com/c/source-code/c-program-palindrome-number Write a computer program to check whether a floating or decimal point number is a palindrome? Example Input : 45.54 Output : 45.54 The inputted number is a floating or decimal point...
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    Dictionary of all floating or decimal point palindromes.

    Can we have dictionary of all floating or decimal point palindromes? Examples : 1.1,2.2,3.3,4.4,5.5,6.6,7.7,8.8,9.9,11.11,12.21,45.54,99.99 etc Thanks & Regards, Prashant S Akerkar
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    Reverse of a floating or decimal point number

    Reference : https://www.programmingsimplified.com/c/source-code/c-program-reverse-number Is it possible to write a computer program which will reverse a decimal or floating point number? Example : 341.54 Output : 45.143 Do we have to just change the data type to float or double instead of...
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    floating point numbers with modulus(mod)

    Hello there, I am working on implementing a search engine algorithm. I have to add noise (which is random float point numbers such as (2.34, 3.12)) on the actual data to be secure. A part of algorithm is dealing with modulus(mod). I can add decimal numbers as a random noise and from that I can...
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    exercise problem IEEE 754 floating point

    Hi Everyone, I need some help on how to convert decimal numbers in to IEEE 754 (single) floating point notation. For example, given a number 1995,5, then I do: 1995 to binary is 111 1100 1011 0,5 to binary is 0,1 Together we have: 111 1100 1011,1 After standardising, we have 1,11110010111 x...
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    Floating Point Notation...

    Hi All, I think I may be coming to terms with Floating Point Notation [Finally...] Example: [Using 1 Bit for the Sign, 3 Bits for the Exponent and 4 Bits for the Mantissa - This is how we were shown in class] Binary Number: 01001010 So, first we extract the Mantissa to obtain .1010 Then the...
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    Floating Point Numbers - Single Precision Format (help!)

    How would a computer store the following floating point number in Single Precision format: 3.08 x 10^4 I just don't know where to start, help appreciated. Im stuck on this as i dont know how to start it off as there are two numbers. Do i just multiply those two numbers together, which will...