1. L

    Prime ^ Fibonacci ^ partition numbers

    What sequence arises from the intersection of prime, Fibonacci and partition numbers?
  2. A

    Reverse Fibonacci series.

    Reference : Can we write a computer program which will print reverse Fibonacci series numbers starting from 100 till 0? The computer program could be in any programming language viz C,C++,Java,C#, Python etc. Thanks &...
  3. L

    Fibonacci spiral fit

    The TV program "God Friended Me," shows ten or so events on a map to fit "amazingly" onto a Fibonacci spiral. Given a reasonable error, is such a result randomly unusual, also given the choice of spiral?
  4. skipjack

    1/998001 goes way deeper than expected

    Is the above post needed now, given your later post on the same matters?
  5. T

    The relationships between Prime number and Fibonacci number (Part 2)

    This is the upgrading of my first research with the same subject, which can be found in My conclusion...
  6. L

    Fibonacci vs. prime series

    Fibonacci numbers, and their related number phi (the golden ratio), are found almost universally in nature. They describe organic, aesthetically interpreted, and chaotic systems, among others. The prime sequence is sought in signaling from hypothetically intelligent life. One can eliminate...
  7. M

    Fibonacci number - Need some help

    Hi all, I am in no way math literate, but I'm looking for help on something. I've had a number going round in my head non-stop as well as the idea that this number describes the nature of a 3-dimensional spiral. The number is 144444444 (infinite fours)... it may also be 1.44444(infinite...
  8. T

    The relationships between Prime number and Fibonacci number

    Dears, Recently when learning programming language, I accidentally found out an interesting relationship between prime number and Fibonacci number. That is, a positive integer number can be analyzed as either - the sum of a prime number and a Fibonacci number For example 16 = 11 (prime)...
  9. B

    Even Fibonacci Numbers

    Hello! I don't really have good knowledge about Series in mathematics and I can't solve the problem below: Find the sum of the even terms of Fibonacci's function which are less than four million, with first two terms 1 and 2. We also can have the help of a computer. So I thought that this...
  10. L

    Fibonacci vs. prime

    Which, if either, is more fundamental to mathematics: the Fibonacci sequence or the prime sequence?
  11. M

    shorter explicit Fibonacci number formula

    This is not new information. It is contained in Wikipedia.
  12. R

    Fibonacci sequence is connected to Prime sequence

    yes,freinds fibonacci sequence is connected to prime sequence. you can see it on Big Theory Of Numerology: Chapter-6 Fibonnaci form of prime keep discovering the primes
  13. M

    Conjecture on period Fibonacci number mod 2^k

    The period of a Fibonacci number, F_n\pmod{2^k}, is equal to 3 ( 2^{k-1}). For example, the period of F_n\pmod{2^1} is equal to 3(2^0). The period of F_n\pmod{2^2} is equal to 3(2^1). The period of F_n\pmod{2^3} is equal to 3(2^2). I can't wrap my head around why this is so.
  14. R

    Video: Recurrence relations made easy (incl. Fibonacci sequence)
  15. tahirimanov

    Here is a problem to waste your time......

    Prove \lim_{n \rightarrow \infty } \frac{F_{nk}}{{F_n}^k} = 5^{(k-1)/2}
  16. Rishabh

    A discovery in the Fibonacci sequence

    From a very long time, I have been interested in the mysterious properties of this seemingly simple sequence. While playing with squares I stumbled upon another two properties which thrilled me: Let F be the set of Fibonacci numbers such that, $F = \{F_n = F_{n-1} + F_{n-2}; F_0 = 0; F_1...
  17. shunya

    Fibonacci's headache

    The following problem was given as a challenge to Fibonacci. Three men are to share a pile of money in the fractions 1/2, 1/3, 1/6. Each man takes some money from the pile until there is nothing left. The first man returns one-half of what he took, the second returns one-third of and the third...
  18. Rishabh

    Fibonacci function

    I couldn't decide whether this thread should have been in math forum or computer.:p Anyway... Is there a mathematical function f(n) such that it returns the nth term of the fibonacci series? I tried to find one myself. According to my work I don't think ... f(n) = an^1 + bn^2 +...
  19. C

    fibonacci series

    find the remainder of the 2780 term of the fibonacci series starting 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,..... when divided by 8
  20. J

    Fibonacci Sequence.

    How to proof the Nth Term of the Fibonacci Sequence ? **Can you guys give me some information for this sequence?