1. Buster

    Feel stupid about this

    Rearrange to make X the subject Y= -X/4 Normally I know how to do this but i keep getting -X= 4Y note the X has to be positive. Can somebody help:furious:
  2. N

    I feel so dumb

    I'm solving for x. I can't remember how to solve this: 32=x^(3/2) I remember that if it's 32 = x^2 you take the square root of both sides but I forget what you do in this case. Is it like third root of the square?
  3. I

    I feel so frustrated when..

    I feel so frustrated when my course material (lectures ) doesn't give further reference for topics that are not course contained (which clearly have proofs that are basically out of reach) and leave me wondering. Most of the every now and there there's a session which has match ups with higher...
  4. F

    weird problem that I feel would be easier without calc. :D

    A 216 square foot rectangular plot is to be enclosed by a fence and divided into two equal parts by more fence parallel to the left and right sides. What dimensions for the outer rectangle will require the smallest total length of fence? What will be amount of fence used?
  5. L

    High school math? I feel dumb!

    Hi all.. I signed up in hopes of getting a little extra help with my precalc course. Long story short, I quit high school after a dismal first two years.. I may have taken an algebra class but I'm sure I flunked if I did. Never had geometry let alone calculus. Fast forward 7 years -- I...
  6. J

    I feel that there's too much "how" and not enough "why".

    In all my years of schooling, I've always been taught how to do this or that equation. Endless examples. Repetition, repetition, repetition, until it's burned into my skull. When I take a test, I have to rely on memory. I have to compare my test question with a similar problem that I remember...
  7. B

    OK, I feel really stupid right about now...help?

    This is a ridiculous question and I feel terrible for even having to ask, but I'm having a bit of a brain fart right now. What is (5x^2)? Is it (5 * x^2) or (5x)^2? Ridiculous...lol.
  8. G

    ok i feel stupid cuz i cant get these, please help

    Ok these are all TRUE or FALSE, please sovle them, for some reason i cant get them correct. 1.The product of 2 linear polynomials is quadratic. 2.The sum of two cubic polynomials cannot have a degree greater than 3. 3. The sum of two cubic polynomials may have a degree less than 3...
  9. E

    I feel it's paradoxical, anyone else think so?

    A derivative of a real function can only have discontinuity of the second kind but not the first kind. However, a Riemann integral function can only have discontinuity of the first kind not the second kind. Is it that there are things I"m not getting. :oops: :oops: