1. P

    Find Average Progress of Student Form exams

    Hello, I would highly appreciate for the solution for my following problem. I have class of 30 Students and I have taken total 6 exam through out the year. I have exam mark of the each student for each exam (Note : each exam has different Total Marks) I want to know whether all over...
  2. SenatorArmstrong

    Academic Guidance Nervous before Physics and Math exams

    Hello. I get super nervous before Calculus and Physics exams despite these being my favorite subjects. Does anyone have any tips for dealing with nerves before an exam?
  3. P

    Academic Guidance Can This Calculator Be Used In C3 and C4 Exams (UK)?

    I've had my eye on this calculator for quite some time and I was wondering if it can be used in maths a level exams; to be more precise in C3 and C4 examinations: Casio FX-991ESPLUS Scientific Calculator: Amazon.co.uk: Office Products I had seen students using it in my last set of exams -...
  4. S

    studying for exams

    Well I wrote my exam on Thursday this week...and I can say that it went terribly wrong...because everything seem to escape me as soon as I started writing...well not everything...half way though I didn't can and started to put what ever down...I think it is wrong though...I did that out of...
  5. Z

    Greek Nation Wide Exams C Grade Highschool

    I have translated and solved the nation wide exams that take place in Greece for entering the public universities. The exams took place in May 2011. Edit: I uploaded it again because I made some translating mistakes!