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    Academic Guidance Description

    Usually, professors do not restrain students from the selection of their own descriptive essay topics list. Therefore, you should choose the one that interests you the most. However, you have to understand that describing an object, event, etc. you know little about will not bring good results.
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    Academic Guidance Ludic Mathematic Essay ideas

    I've been given an assignment to write an essay about Ludic Math, if any of you have any ideas that would be great! Thanks for the help!!:D
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    Cubic polynomial Extended essay !!!!! ( Help !! )

    I have to finish an essay over the summer holiday ( 4000 words essay ) and i decided to do it on cubic polynomial. I will investigate different approaches to solve cubic function ( 3 ways ) the general formula method, the cardano's method and the trigonometric and hyperbolic method. I will...
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    Essay on Cubic polynomial ?????

    So for my Extended essay, I might wanna do something about different ways of solving cubic function. I decided to demonstrate the general formula method, the cardano's method and the trigonometric and hyperbolic method for cubic polynomial. I will then compare different approach and evaluate...
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    Assignment help for new member

    I am new here and I have been here as part of my assignment work. I have an essay assignment to write on mathematics. While searching for the information I got this forum. So I though it would be helpful to pst here to get more information. Not much time is there for me. So I also been searching...
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    mathematically related essay topic

    Ok so i have an essay question regarding some philosophically implied area, and it says "patterns formed generally or general patterns gives us the knowledge whereas looking at particular and specific examples gives us the understanding. How far can we say that this statement holds true?" i was...
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    First uni essay - help needed

    Hi, I have a few questions that i need help with. Try and see if you can help please... I'm not from an english speaking country so please bare with me. 1) H1 and H2 are planes in 3d vector space and they aren't parallel. Prove that a third plane H3, contains the intersection line between H1...
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    Essay writings

    Hi does anyone here know a forum for essay writing or anyone here could help for essay writing? ( topic: Under IT)
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    Game Theory - IB Extended Essay

    Hello everybody, as part of my IB diploma program I need to write an essay of about 4000 words. I was stupid enough to do it in mathematics, game theory. anyway I now need an real live situation to analyze. as I don't have a lot of knowledge about this topic, it should be a quite simple...
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    A Total N00Bs Inquiry: The Mathmatics for ESSAY Assessment

    A Total N00Bs Inquiry: The Mathematics for ESSAY Assessment ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello. I am horrible with math. I use it all the time. I study it often. I even find it fun. But I am bad. I am also a programmer, but since I program for the...