1. N

    Optimization Problem with Exponential Form (double terms)

    Hello, Could anybody help me with this optimization problem? I want to minimize sum(s=1,S) a_s * exp(b_s*x_s) + c_s * exp(d_s*x_s) subject to the constraint: sum(s=1,S) x_s = A I am supposed to find x_s which makes the statement minimized. a_s, b_s, c_s, d_s, and A values are constants in...
  2. shadow dancer

    double integral

    Hello ,anyone got an idea about getting the area of the place surrounded by y=-x^2+x and y=-x by double integrals . really thanks by the way:D:D
  3. S

    Double Integral Mathematics

    Let S=[0,1]×[0,1]⊂R². What is the value of the following double integral? ∬max(x,y)dxdy over S will be equal to what? Option given are: a)1/3 b)2/3 c)4/3 d)5/3 I am unable to determine the function to be integrated. Please help with the solution.
  4. P

    Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues in relation to a double transformation

    Hi guys, I have the following question: I have been thinking about this for a while now, but I simply cannot work it out... Let V be a linear space of n dimensions over R, and let S,T:V->V be linear transformations. True or False? 1. If v is an eigenvector of S and of T, then v is...
  5. M

    Double integral

    How to evaluate this double integral: \int_{x=0}^{x=\pi}\int_{y=0}^{y=2\pi}\frac{A^{2}B^{2}C^{2}\sin x}{\left(A^{2}B^{2}\cos^{2}x+A^{2}C^{2}\sin^{2}x \sin^{2}y+B^{2}C^{2}\sin^{2}x\cos^{2}y\right)^{3/2}}dydx where A,B,C are constants.
  6. J

    Question about proving the availability of double real root of a polynomial

    For part b, it is assuming that n is an odd number, so r-a = r+a Since the exponent of n-1 would be an even number for n being an odd number, is the equation of (r-a)^(n-1) = -(r+a)^(n-1) undefined? It is because any real number to a power of an even number cannot be negative. Please...
  7. L

    double integrals

    Hello everyone. How can I approach this question? I know that the integral boundaries are 2 to 3 donut shape.. I stuck
  8. L

    Double integral

    Hi everyone. I am working on this question. The calculator says divergent. How can I show that or if not how can I solve it? Double integral [-1 to 2] [0 to 1] e^xy*1/y dxdy
  9. K

    How to solve this double integral

    I've got a final exam tomorrow and i am stuck on this exercise. Could you help me? The Exercise: S is an area enclosed with a circle with radius 'a', the circle touches both coordinate axes and is located in the 2nd quadrant. Solve
  10. B

    Is this calculation correct (Double Integration)?

    w = \int_{y_{1}}^{y_{2}} \int_{x_{1}}^{x_{2}} [-m \cdot g + T \cdot \frac{-x + (h - y)}{h}] \cdot dxdy = \int_{y_{1}}^{y_{2}} \int_{x_{1}}^{x_{2}}-m \cdot g \cdot dxdy + \int_{y_{1}}^{y_{2}} \int_{x_{1}}^{x_{2}} T \cdot \frac{-x + (h - y)}{h} \cdot dxdy = -m \cdot g \cdot \int_{y_{1}}^{y_{2}}...
  11. T

    How to expand a double sum of products express?

    Please excuse me if this is in the wrong sub forum. Specifically, I need to expand this *unexpected loss for a portfolio* expression in order to calculate: $$S=\sqrt{(\sum_{i=1}^2\sum_{j=1}^2 w_i w_j u_i u_j ρ_{ij})}$$ I've attempted to expand it on my own, coming up with...
  12. V

    Trig double angles

    Sin (x+60) = 2 Sinx Solve for x
  13. J

    Comparing double box and whisker diagrams

    Could I infer which data set has a greater amount of unit in general by comparing two box plots? I found a website mentioning this, but is it over-simplified? Comparing Box plots Thanks
  14. S

    Area with Double Integral

    I have solved this problem. I wish to find out if my solution is correct.
  15. D

    Connection Between Line and Double Integrals in the Plane

    Hi Everybody, I really need to understand it, it is a very important concept in physics, mainly in electromagnetism. I searched many Calculus's books and only one of them propose to explain a bit more, but I didn't understand the explanation, and this doubt is the first part of the...
  16. A

    double integration

    Please could someone help with this question. When me and a friend integrate this with respect to x first and then with y first we both get different answers of 1.13333 and 1.8588 respectively and we can't see where we are going wrong
  17. A

    double integration

    Please could someone help me with part one as I have tried to do it via integration by parts but am getting nowhere
  18. Z

    double integral problem #2

    Find the area of x^2 + y^2 + z^2 = a^2 that lies above the interior of the circle given in polar coordinates by r = a \cos \theta .
  19. Z

    double integral problem

    Find the area of z = x^2 - y^2 that lies inside x^2 + y^2 = a^2. Here is my solution. But I am stuck here because I don't know how to calculate this mess... x = u, y = v, z = u^2-v^2 \int_{-a}^{a} \int_{- \sqrt{a^2-u^2}}^{ \sqrt{a^2-u^2}} \sqrt{4u^2+4v^2+1} ~dv ~du
  20. LeitHunt

    Double Integration-Finding Volume

    Hello, Pic:- So I was solving some questions of double integration.And I come across this que. which I didn't get. I mean I get that it is asked to find out Volume but I don't get the given data.I mean Limits explained in a tricky manner plus the answer given directly without any...