1. C

    Polynomial Division Problem

    Polynomial Division Problem Calculate the following and state the remainder: 2x^3+x^2-22x+20 divided by 2x-3 Thanks!
  2. idontknow

    Prove division

    Prove that 40m \: | \: (5m)! \; , m\in \mathbb{N}.
  3. Violex

    Simple Long division issue is stressing me out.

    Hi All :) I'm reading a book I physically own and I'm doing some Long Division from it. I'm trying to work out: a Double figure Divisor with a 4 figure Dividend. 16 / 4496. So I divide 16 into 44, giving me 2, and a remainder. I drop down and input 32, 44 Subtract 32, gives me 12 and I...
  4. C

    Division by zero?

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering if this formula would work for division by zero: 10: -8 9: -7 8: -6 7: -5 6: -4 5: -3 4: -2 3: -1 2: 0 1: 1 100 + 100/(0-1) 100 + (100/-1) 100-100 = 0 y for x = 0 is 0 y for x = 2 is equal to 200
  5. G

    Rank of quotient in division with monastic abacus

    Dear all, this is my first post on this forum. I am not sure whether it is in the right place. Aanyway, my question is this. I am reading the very interesting book by Karl Manninger “Number words and number symbols”. In it, the author introduces the monastic abacus developed by Pope...
  6. D

    If f gives remainder 3 by division with 6, what remainder do 2^f^2 + 5 give?

    If f gives remainder 3 by division with 6, what remainder do we get when we divide 2f^2 + 5 by 6? So I think I have made an attempt to solve this at least, but are not really sure if it is correct. f = bq + r where q \in \mathbb{Z}, 0 \le r< b, \ r \in \mathbb{Z} We have that b...
  7. K

    Two-stage decoding based on Euclidean division

    Define the following quantity: $$X=abs^{2\ell}+ce+Fs^{\ell}$$ where $$F=ae+cb$$ Assumptions: $a,b,c,e$ are unknown integers $s,\ell$ are known positive integers $X$ is known My goal is to find $F$. The general idea is simple. Since we know $X$, we first find the...
  8. M

    Division ring

    I am now reviewing for a test. Can you please tell me where i can find a complete proof of the folowing result: Let $D$ be a division ring and $V$ a left $D$-module. Show that the following are equivalent: (i) $V$ is Noetherian, (ii) $V$ has a finite basis, (iii) $V$ is Artinian. Thanks
  9. A

    Algebraic explanation of Division

    As an elementary student, I've always struggled with arithmetic, in particular, division and multiplication. This had to do with my lack of interest, as I didn't know why we multiplied and divided the way that we did. (why it worked). Having learned algebra, I now fully understand...
  10. R

    Definition of Division

    Help me out with this intuition. (124 + 104 + 84 + 64 + 44 + 24) / (62 + 52 + 42 + 32 + 22 + 12) Why is the answer 2 and not 12. If division is multiplication of the reciprocal and we pair a number from the left with one from the right that should get us 2 + 2 + 2 +2 +2 +2 ? 124 X...
  11. G

    Polynomial division

    Using polynomial division determine the remainder when (2x^3+x^2 - 7x - 6) is divided by (X-2) A) if the remainder is zero what does this indicate? B) determine the factors of (2x^3 + x^2 - 7x - 6)
  12. G

    Sorry for the bad writing, but why is my division wrong?

    Am I not supposed to divide both sides by negative 15? I was thinking I would divided both by a negative, and a negative, so why does one become positive and not the other? Thanks.
  13. L

    Division number into two number

    Hello, I want integer number break into two number and two number the greatest two number possible. For example: 27 = 9*3 49=7*7 90=10*9
  14. E

    proportional division?

    I have the number 950 and I want to divide it into two parts proportional to the fraction 18/25. through tedious work I have found it to be roughly 396/554 but I know that is not exactly correct. Is there a quick method of finding this number accurately? I was thinking something like...
  15. M

    Easy division!

    Sometimes your dealing with large numbers,and it's very hard So here's the formula! A×B=C N-(B×N-A)÷B=C Ex: 144÷9=16 100-(9×100-144)÷9=16 17÷2=8.5 -187.6523-(2×-187.6523-17)÷2=8.5 :spin:
  16. G

    Multiplication and Division of Rational Expressions

    So I think i got it to x^2-9 (x-4) ----------------- x-3(3y+y+3) Yet of course not sure, thanks
  17. M

    New Property of Division

    Something I discovered this morning (at least I think it hasn't been discovered before), Where A+B=C, and none are 0, then D/(1/C) = (D/(1/A))+(D/(1/B)) Basically, when dividing a number, the result will be equal to adding the results of dividing two numbers that equal the reciprocal of...
  18. E

    Synthetic Division

    The problem: A rectangular solid has a rectangular piece cut out. The whole rectangular solid has a length of 2x+1, width of x, and height of x+1. So Volume=lxwxh v=(2x+1)(x)(x+1) v=2x^3+3x^2+x The volume of the piece that was cut out is length:1, width: x, height:2 (1)(x)(2) 2x So, I...
  19. Mr Davis 97

    Division by zero when taking parametric derivative

    Let's say that we have two parametric equations, given by y = 2t^3 and x = t^2 +1. Now, let's say that I want to find \frac{dy}{dx} when t = 0. Now, I find that \frac{dx}{dt} = 0 and \frac{dy}{dt} = 0 when t = 0. To find \frac{dy}{dx} I divide the two. However, this just gives me \frac{0}{0}...
  20. W

    Using long division to work out a fraction but getting wrong answer...

    Ok so I've got an equation: What is 3/7 expressed as a decimal (to 3 d.p) without a calculator. I've been learning how to do long division but I keep ending up with the wrong answer... through following a video, I've ended up with the answer 0.426... yet if I do this on numerous calculators, I...