1. K

    Standard deviation on scaling of random variables

    I have the answer already (based on simulations), but want to know exactly which theorem/ law is at play: Suppose X1, X2, X3, X4 are 4 positive random variables such that X1+X2+X3+X4=1. Suppose I scale them with known constants C1, C2, C3, C4, respectively, then look at the function below...
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    Mean of means - standard deviation of mean values

    Sorry if this has been asked numerous times and sorry if I describe it from an engineers point of view. Let us say I have N measurements and I calculate the mean value and the standard deviation. Okay. Now let us have M times N measurements. I could calculate now the mean value of the whole...
  3. O

    Criticism of the Standard Deviation

    Standard Deviation is widely used to measure risk in assets. I think a higher standard deviation is considered a risky bet, with greater upside and downside potential. However, if the asset A's returns are: 50, 50, 50, 400 and Asset B's return are 50, 50, 50, 50 -- the latter will have much...
  4. H

    Confidence interval for the population standard deviation?

    Use the given degree of confidence and sample data to find a confidence interval for the population standard deviation. Assume that the population has a normal distribution. The hockey coach selected eight players at random and timed how long each player took to finish their exercises. The...
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    Why use variance instead of standard deviation?

    This drives me crazy, The question is simple: A manufacturing process has the expected value of 200minutes and standard deviation of 10minutes The reset process has the expected value of 30 minutes with the standard deviation 3 minutes Compute the probability that the sum of the...
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    Manipulate data to match given mean and standard deviation

    I have a set of data with a mean of 55.05 and a standard deviation of 7.51. However, I want to transform these data to a list of values with a mean of 55.62, a standard deviation of 58.69, and the list should not contain negative values. Is this possible? Thank you The list of data is below...
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    Find standard deviation given normal probability

    I have $X \sim N(0,\sigma^2), Y \sim N(-1,4) \mbox{ independent}, \\ Z = X-Y$ find $\sigma$ such that $P(Z \le 7) = 0.84134$ what I have done is : $X-Y \sim N(0-(-1), \sigma^2+4) = (1, \sigma^2+4)$ $\begin{array}{lcl}P(Z \le 7) & = & P( \frac{Z -1}{\sqrt{\sigma^2+4}} \le...
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    Standard and standard deviation

    Hello :) I have 2 questions which i didn't succeed to solve them, I don't even have a direction, so can you help me please? The following given refers to 2 questions - The standard is that the weight of a cheese should be between 94 to 106 grams. 1. The industry produces cheeses, the...
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    Which of the two sets of data intervals has the greater standard deviation?

    A company is evaluating two employees' times to complete the same repetitive task. Employee A's time and frequency Under two minutes: 2 2 to 3.99 minutes: 6 4 to 5.99 minutes: 9 6 to 7.99 minutes: 2 8 to 9.99 minutes: 1 Employee B's time and frequency Under two minutes: 3 2 to 3.99 minutes: 5...
  10. L

    One measure significant in standard deviation?

    When is one observation not considered statistically significant, such as subtracting one (Bessel's correction) while calculating standard deviation?
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    Why is my Standard Deviation larger than the mean?

    Hello, I have an assignment asking me to calculate the mean and standard deviation for Weekly housing cost. All of the data came from 306 students who filled in the survey. I was given raw data in excel. I used excel to calculate the mean by typing '=average(' into the formula bar and...
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    Skewed Deviation

    Hi All, Hope you're all well. in excel, I am using 2 input parameters; average and standard deviation, and generating a set of 1000 lines using the random function. currently i have to avg set to 4.5 and stdev at 2. =NORM.INV(RAND(),4.5,2) i produce a graph and you can see a normal...
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    Large deviation function for a Gamma distribution

    I have a problem with the final part of this exercise. I have computed the large deviation function of that distribution correctly, I've also found the form of the Y function but I'm not able to justify that relation. Could anyone explain it to me please? Compute the large deviation function...
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    Is it normal if deviation is greater than variance?

    Here is my problem, a sample of 7.55, 6.13, 5.44, 7.19, 6.33 My answer is mean = 6.528 sample variance = 0.716 and deviation = 0.846 but i was told that variance is always greater than deviation, so i am confused now.
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    Determining Deviation Scores

    Hi all! I'm Stuck with this one. Would really appreciate your help with this... :cool: The values of three out of a sample of four deviation scores are: −5, 2, and −3. The value of the fourth deviation score is
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    Standard Deviation

    What is approximate standard deviation for the list of numbers: 10.4, 9.8, 10.0, 9.2, 10.5, 9.8, 9.9, 10.1, 10.4, 10.2, 10.7, 9.6? A. 2.1 B. 1.9 C. 1.75 D. 1.8 The question shows up on my kid's test recently. The standard deviation is 0.42. Why can the answer be C. 1.75? If 0.42...
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    Dividing Standard deviation by sqrt(n)

    Hi all, I've been arguing with a mate about a thing he calls Real Standard Deviation. What he does is siply dividing the standard deviation of a set of data by the square root of the number of observations, n. Now, I myself couldn't find any information about it on google, and can't really...
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    Average Mean Deviation VS. Standard Deviation

    Average Mean Deviation, to me, has a much more intuitive meaning than Standard Deviation. Truthfully, I'm not even sure why we use Standard Deviation. I suppose that's where my statistics class failed me. Anyway, I have a few questions: Why isn't average mean deviation taught in...
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    probability of getting a deviation of 43% from expected value after 3594 trials?

    In a lottery game with 8 different combinations, what is the probability of winning at least 642 times if playing 3594 independant and separate lotteries and each lottery choosing 1 combination? In other words, what is the probability of getting such a huge deviation to the Law of Large Numbers...